Aphmau x Gene

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Aphmau POV:
I can't believe Ein did this! He told the others that we are dating! We are not dating! I don't like him that way! Ugh! I hate him! I told my friends that he is a liar. They asked me if I have a bf... I said yes, they asked who, I didn't tell, I walked away and waited for classes to be over. I am on my way to the mall, I want to get a new outfit, maybe I'll be Pinkie Cake! I run inside, there are so many shops! I will choose... Hot Topic! I run upstairs to the coolest shop ever! When I am about to go there, I see the dark teal eyed guy I don't really like "I forgot... he is the cashier..." I will go to another shop "Where are you going?" he saw me... great "You're not going to buy from here because I work here?" I say "You guessed" he grabs my hand "I won't let you walk away until you buy something." I try to run away, his grip is strong "I mean it" I groan "Fine" he lets go of my hand, without looking I run away "HEY!" he runs after me. He carries me back to the shop "Choose!" I mumble... I find black shirt with cat, black cat socks, black shorts, black cat purse and black shoes, I'll be black cat girl for Halloween. I take all and dress up "I look good." I dress back "Done" I come out "How much?" he calculates "Fifty dollars" I look in my wallet, but I don't find money "Are you serious?" I remember I bought black cat ears and tail a week ago "You have no money?" he has his stupid grin "Shut up!" I am panicking inside "I can pay it for you." I look at him "Really?" he says "If~" he leans closer "You go on a date with me tonight." oh god no. Suddenly, I get an idea "How about you become my bf?" he looks like he saw a ghost "What?" I ask "Dante told you...?" he says "About you being the Alpha by accident and a werewolf guy named Ein was chosen to be the Alpha Male and now he lied that you are his girlfriend?? Of course he told me." I can see pain in his eyes "I don't love him. I want to give you a chance..." I look straight in his eyes "A chance? What about Aaron...?" I shake my head "His parents are cruel. We're just friends. Will you come tonight at my house??" he smiles "Sure Kitty~" I growl "Don't call me that!!" he smirks.

*few hours later*
"Mija, when is Ein coming?" I say "My boyfriend is coming and it's not Ein!" I hear the doorbell "I'll answer!" I open the door to see Gene "Come in" he gets in "Mom, this is my boyfriend Gene." I hug his arm "Oh, you are in Aphmau's contacts." he looks at me "She took my phone and thought you are a girl." his jaw drops "What?" mom says "Mija, it happened last year!" I give her a glare "You look really familiar, who is your mom?" Gene says "Her name is Maria miss." mom says "Oh! You are Maria's son! Me and her met in high school. I saw a few photos with you and Dante when you were babies." Gene groans "I told her not to!" he is blushing "Can I see a photo?" mom takes out one "No no no no you don't need to!!" I look at it "Awww you guys were so cute!" his face is red "Dinner is ready!" we all sit "Since when you 2 are dating??" I say "Since summer" mom asks him "What do you like about my Mija?" he says "I like everything at her. She's cute, kind and smart. There are more things that I like about her." I blush "Aww I am so happy for you two!" I look at him "He really loves me, Dante was right." after dinner, mom lets Gene stay over "That was a nice dinner, your mother is cool and nice." I say "Thanks..." he looks at me "Are you ok?" I ask "What you said earlier... it was true...?" he stays silent "Yes... I love you since I saw you when you were a freshman." I blush more. I get closer to him, put my hand on his cheek, he holds it "I..." I lean closer "I love you too..." our lips meet "Aph..." I hug him "Thank you" he slowly smiles "I'm here... my Kitty..." it doesn't make me mad anymore "My knight" he pets my hair while I am in his strong arms.

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