Aphmau x Sasha

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Aphmau POV:
"Aphmau, I can't say how happy I am for having the house, i can't thank you enough!" I smile "Not a problem Gene, you're my friend." he smiles too "Even Sasha and Zenix are happy, right?" I look at them, Zenix nods smiling and Sasha nods, but she keeps looking at me "What's wrong...?" I say "Nothing, i'm fine, i will come tomorrow to hang out." I go back to my house "Why was Sasha staring at me?" I try to forget it.

Sasha POV:
"Since when Aphmau is so adorable?" the boys look at me "Don't tell me you fell for her, she is taken." I say "Gene fell for her." Gene blushes "Please stop it!" Zenix laughs, Gene hits him on his shoulder "Ouch!! I was joking!!" Gene goes to his room, Zenix goes into the kitchen "I will go see Lucinda." I walk to Lucinda's house and knock on her door, she answers "Hello Sasha, what do you need?" I say "Sleeping potion"

*time skip*
I hide the potion in my pocket, then I knock on Aphmau's door, she opens the door "Oh hey Sasha, do you need something?" I say "I just want to talk." she lets me in "Do you want a drink?" I say "Lemonade" she nods. Her dog jumps at me "Hey little girl!" Aphmau giggles "That is Celestia and that is Eli III" I say "You have cute animals." I pet them. Aphmau puts two glasses on the table "Let me feed my pets." while she goes to feed her little pets, I pour the potion in her glass and sit on the couch, she sits too while I drink from my big glass "You made a great drink." she says "Thank you" she drinks it "So, do you like Lover's Lane?" I say "Yeah, it's really cool here." she yawns "Are you ok?" she says "Yeah, I think i am... just... sleepy..." she falls asleep "Great" I carry her to her bedroom and strip us, then I tie her with a cloth "This is going to be fun~" I kiss her sweet lips.

*few minutes later*
She is waking up "Sleepy head~" she looks at me with a scared face "Aww, don't be scared, i'm not going to hurt you. I know you miss him a lot, I don't like seeing you sad, i'm going to cheer you up." she blushes when she looks at me. I move her purple panties "Are you getting wet already~?" I let them go, they slap her skin, I get on top of her and kiss her, her face is beet red.

Aphmau POV:
I never knew Sasha had this side "You are a cutie~" she takes off my bra and panties, she makes me sit on my knees and goes behind me, then kisses my neck. She starts fingering me, I moan "Wait, isn't this wrong?" she says "It's for making you feel better. Nothing is wrong." she takes out a vibrator, she takes off her bra and panties and puts the vibrator in my entrance and hers "This will be do much fun~" she turns it on, I moan "Even your sweet moans are adorable~" we kiss. The vibrator turns on medium "Ahh~" she smirks "This is great~" i can't control myself, we have a lot of fun, we fall asleep at three in the night, before we do that, she turns off the vibrator and takes it off of us, I cover us with the blanket.

*the next day*
We go to her backyard, the boys look at her with crossed arms "Where have you been Sasha?" she says "We had a sleepover, it was really fun." I nod "A sleepover? Then what were the noises we heard?" I say "We watched a new movie." Zenix asks "What type?" she says "Action with a bit of horror." they look at each other, then back at us "Ok fine, let's just eat steak." I clap "Yay!!!"

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