Balto x Zane

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Author POV:
Aph tried many times to help Zane to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, she was about to give up, but she remembered a werewolf from high school... the ex alpha male when she was a freshman: Balto... Balto had a big crush on Zane and tried many times to ask him on a date, but Zane always refused, making him sad. Aph dials his phone number, then she tells him the street she lives.

Aphmau POV:
I hear the doorbell "He arrived!" I go answer "Balto!" I hug him "Aph! You didn't change at all!" he hugs back "I did! My hair is longer!" he laughs "It is longer. Why did you call me??" we sit on a couch "I know you had trouble with love in high school, i'm going to help you. My friends live in MS, even Zane." after hearing this, his tail starts wagging and blushes "Zane?" I nod "I know where he lives." a smiles comes on his face "Follow me!" we go to his house, I knock on the door, he opens.

Zane POV:
"Hi Zane!" I say "Hello Aphmau, what can I-" I cut myself off when I see the werewolf near her "Who is this?" she says "This is Balto!" I remember now "The werewolf who kept asking me on a date... what is he doing here...?" she says "You can't be single forever, since he had a crush on you and still does... you'll stay with him." she pushes him in my house and runs "APHMAU!!!" I go after her, but she locks her house, I groan and go back to my house. Balto is sitting on my couch, he looks at me "You wasted your time coming all the way here, please get out of my house." he doesn't do anything "Are you deaf? I said get out of my house!" he smiles "Why are you smiling?" he gets closer "Stay back!!" he hugs me "Get off you mutt!" I try to push him off, his grip is too strong. At finale I manage to push him and run, then I lock myself in my bedroom, he knocks at my door "Zane please open!" I growl "Go away mutt!" he says "Please!! Give me a chance!! I missed you! I love you!" I yell "NO!! I HATE LOVE!! GET OUT RIGHT NOW!!"

Balto POV:
My heart breaks in pieces... why does he hate love? I just want a chance... I waited years... and he still hates me... i go at Aphmau's house and tell her he still hates me while I sob "Balto..." she hugs me "I will help you, I don't like to see you crying." she tells me her plan.

*time skip*
She unlocks the door of his house "He gave me a key. Good luck!!" she runs back to her house, I go quietly to his bedroom, then I open his door, he is sleeping, the moon is shining on him "He looks so adorable when he sleeps." i look at his face, I notice something... tears... he is crying... "Balto... forgive me... i'm sorry..." he has a nightmare, I shake him "Zane wake up!" he wakes up "Balto?" I look in his eyes, tears are still falling "I'm sorry-" I cut him off by kissing him "Don't say anything else." I hug him "Why do you still love me?" I say "I know you are good person in your heart." he sobs "I thought i'm not good enough for you." I say "Zane, you make my heart beating fast when I see you, I feel butterflies in my stomach, I love you very much." he sobs "Balto..." he stops crying "I had to... give you a chance... can you forgive me?" I say "There is no need to say sorry." I kiss him again, he kisses back "Will you be my boyfriend?" he nods "Do you want me to stay here?" he says "Yes... for a... few days please?" I nod "Of course my cupcake." he blushes and giggles "Aw you're cute when you laugh." I hear snores... he fell asleep... I take off my clothes, staying in my boxers and my undershirt "Goodnight Zaney" I lay on his bed with him in my arms and fall asleep "I will always be by your side."

Author POV:
For the next few days, Balto stayed at Zane's house, Zane gets annoyed by Balto for a few things, but he would never get mad at him. At finale Balto moves in Zane's house and both live happily, loving each other very much.

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