Zane x Travis MCD

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Zane POV:
Ugh... stupid dreams... why they never stop? I'm at Phoenix Drop, visiting my big brother. He showed me the good side and i'm glad that i chose to be by his side. Neither of us both wants to be the next king of O'Khasis. I am the high priest, Garroth is the head guard of Phoenix Drop, Vylad is a Shadow Knight, but a good one, like Laurance. Right now, i'm in my room doing nothing, my bedroom door opens "Zane, are you ok?" I look at Garroth "Yeah... i'm fine..." he sits near me "I don't think so." I sigh "I have a lot of weird dreams and I don't know what to do." he asks "What is your dream about?" I think "Well... a voice tells me to go to him... and I will be happy with him... and we will have a happy family... I can't recognize the voice..." Garroth hugs me "I'm sure they're just dreams." I hug him back "Garroth" he says "Hm?" I say "Thank you... for showing me the good way..." he smiles "You don't need to thank me, you are my brother, i'll always be near you." he leaves the room and closes the door. I lay on the bed, close my eyes go to sleep. I hope I won't get another weird dream... please Irene... please...

*in the dream*
I wake up in an unfamiliar room, I look around, the room is black, the furniture is black with dark grey. I get up and look in the mirror, I wear a black T-shirt, light grey comfy pants and white socks, i notice a gold ring on my ring finger "The heck?" I get out of the room, i see some stairs, so I follow them. I get downstairs and see 2 little girls, one with white hair and sky blue eyes like mine and the other with black hair and bright green eyes, they look at me and jump "Mommy woke up!" I get confused "Mommy?" they run to me and hug me "Girls, lunch is ready!" my eyes widen "That voice..." the girls drag me to the kitchen. There I see a man with white hair at the table, when he looks at me I see his bright green eyes... oh no... not him! He smiles "Hey love~!" the girls sits at the table, he comes near me and kisses my lips. Why do I feel a spark? I break the kiss and step back "What's wrong?" i step back more "Stay away from me..." he steps forward "Don't come any closer!" his eyes are full of worry "Babe, I would never hurt you, we are married." I freeze "MARRIED?" i look at the ring again "No... this is a dream right? Garroth told me to never marry you!" he puts his hands on my cheeks "Garroth didn't let me to marry you because i'm half demon, but i didn't care, we ran together, you were so happy when I asked you to marry me, our best moments were the wedding and the day you gave birth to our twins." he turns in his demon form "I told you that you will be happy." he leans closer and kisses me on the lips.

*back to reality*
"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I pant fast and my heart beats faster, my door opens "Zane! What happened?" I shiver "It was... it was..." he hugs me "Shhh, it's ok... i'm here now." i hug him and start telling him about the dream "Valkrum? I knew I had a feeling that this would happen... I won't let him take you!" I say "Thanks..." he smiles "No problem, now go back to sleep." he leaves the room, i lay back on the bed, close my eyes and try to sleep.

Travis POV:
Stupid Garroth... can't he understand? I would protect Zane and love him! But no, he has to come in between our relationship! Zane should be mine! I'm still trying to make Zane come to me by using the dreams, but it doesn't work... I have to talk with Garroth...

*the next day*
I knock at his door and wait a few seconds, he answers "What do you want Travis?" I say "To talk to you." he raises an eyebrow "About?" I sigh "About Zane..." he lets me in, I sit on his couch "Garroth, do you see me as someone who would hurt him?" he nods "I would never hurt him... I love him... I know you don't trust me because i'm a demon, but I would never kill Zane!" he stays silent for a moment "Fine... you can be his boyfriend..." I look at him "Really?" he nods, I hug him tight "THANK YOU!" he says "Wow, you must be really happy..." I jump up and down. Someone comes downstairs "Garroth what- AHHH IT'S TRAVIS!" Garroth says "Zane calm down!" Zane calms and comes a little closer "Travis had the braveness to confess his feelings for you." Zane blushes, I come closer "Zane I love you, I would never hurt you... can you... give me a chance?" he blushes more. To my surprise he kisses me, I kiss back. I'm so happy!

*7 years later*
Author POV:
Zane and Travis are married and have twins, Zanna and Tracy, Garroth is married with Laurance and they have twins too named Laura and Gabriela.

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