Zane x Garroth x Vylad

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(This is inspired from another lemon. Instead of Garroth ordering around, he will do the entire work. Enjoy~)
Author POV:
Zane and Vylad move in with Garroth and he does all the work: opening the boxes, moving stuff, throwing boxes, no pause for even one second, he does sweat tho. He just does everything for his little 'baby' brothers. Meanwhile, the two talk outside.
Z: He did all the work and didn't even need help.
V: I know right? I feel bad for not helping him.
Z: He wanted to do it alone. We should do something for him.
V: Good idea!
Z: What should we do?
V: I have an idea~
Garroth's watching TV in his room, he  is still not tired after that hard work. Suddenly, he feels arms behind him... "Vylad, what are you doing?" he says "I just wanted a hug from my big bro." Garroth thinks it's adorable, but it gets awkward when Vylad kisses his neck "Um, Vylad, that's a bit too much..." he doesn't stop. Garroth tries to push him off "Vylad, come on..." someone else grabs his hands "Zane...?" Garroth is very confused "You worked very hard big bro. We're going to repay you." he can't escape from the two. Vylad gets his hands under Garroth's shirt and softly touches his nipples "Do you like this big bro~?" Garroth is biting his lip to hold the moan. A tent is growing in his jeans "Hehe, is big bro turned on? I think he is~" Garroth pants to hold it. Vylad takes off his shirt, Zane has his hands on his abs "Are you two under a love potion?" Vylad says "Nope. We just thought you deserve some rest~" Zane kisses Garroth on the lips while Vylad enjoys playing with the nipples. Garroth is about to say something, but Zane kisses him, making him keep his words. From the pleasure he gets, no words come out "Let's undress him~" in a few minutes the three are almost naked "I want to see it first. I want to see how cute my big bro is~" Vylad is the flirt here while Zane keeps quiet and admires. Vylad takes off Garroth's boxers and starts licking the member. Zane sucks on the nipples, Garroth is a moaning mess. The rest of the night inside the Ro'Meave's house, you can hear moaning from all 3. I don't know if anyone heard, considering that the neighborhood was asleep, buuuuuut who cares? No one cares. They sleep.

The next morning
The three are still asleep, none want to wake up, but little do they know, a pink haired meif'wa is taking pictures of them sleeping and sneaks back into her house "Kawaii~Chan loves those pictures! She will save them for sure!" she prints the pictures and puts them in a document, where she is keeping a bunch of pictures with ships, cute pics and anime stuff. No one is more crazy than Kawaii~Chan when it is about... everything that is related to cuteness.

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