Garroth x Vylad

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Garroth POV:
Ugh... my head... what happened? I open my eyes, only to see darkness, I try moving, but i'm tied on a... bed? I look down to see i'm only in my boxers. Who the heck took my clothes off? I hear chuckles "Who's there?" the person comes out of the darkness, my eyes widen "Vylad? What's going on?" he smirks "Well hello big brother, long time no see~" I raise an eyebrow "Why did you tie me?" he chuckles "I was sad that you spent your time hanging out with Laurance and you always cancelled when I asked you to hangout with me, so now we are going to have some fun~" he goes to a metal table covered with a long white thin towel, he grabs the towel and removes it. I get shocked of what I see, on the table are: blindfold, gag and 2 vibrators "I already tied you to the bed posts, this is going to be so much fun~!" he grabs the blindfold and ties me with it, then I feel lips kissing my lips, my neck, my chest then my abs "My my, someone is excited~" I say "Vylad... this is wrong... we are brothers!" he whispers in my ear "I love you, but this what happens if you don't spend time with me~" he ties me with the gag, so now I can't speak, he takes off my boxers, then I feel something on my member then in my entrance "Let's begin~" I feel the pleasure from both places "MMMF!!" he giggles "Aww big bro, you look adorable!" I try to move, but the ropes are blocking this, the vibrators are going on medium, I shiver of how much pleasure I get. Vylad takes off the gag "Open wide~" I do as he says and he puts his member in my mouth, I start sucking, then I take all of it in my mouth, i suck faster while he moans. After a few minutes, he cums in my mouth, i swallow, then I cum, he unties my hands and legs from bed posts, I feel relief, but he ties my hands and legs together "We are not done yet Garroth~" the vibrators are on maximum, I moan louder "You like this, don't you~?" I moan instead of talk. After a while he turns off the vibrators and unties me, I try to get up, but I feel my member enters in something tight, he takes off the blindfold, my eyes widen, he went down on my member. He kisses me, then he goes up and down on my member, we both are moaning mess, after a time I feel the knot in my stomach, Vylad is moving faster while he has his arms wrapped around my neck "Garroth, i'm going to cum~!" I grunt "Me too~!" he cums on our chests and I cum inside of him, we both are panting, he gets up, but collapses on me, he fell asleep. I cover us with the blanket, then I fall asleep.

*a week later*
I still can't forget what happened last week, I can't tell anyone about this, but I have to tell Zane. I'm watching TV in my room, my phone does a ding that means I got a text message, I pick up my phone then check the text.
V: Hey big bro, wanna play soccer with me this afternoon?
G: Sorry, i can't. I go at the arcade with Laurance.
V: Oh well, this means that we are going to have some fun tonight~!
G: ...... where do you wanna meet me?
V: In the park, at 3pm.
G: I will be there.
Looks like I have to cancel the arcade time with Laurance, I hope he doesn't get mad at me, maybe he can go with Dante or Travis or somebody else...

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