Shad x Aphmau part 2

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Lady Aphmau POV:
"GUARDS!!" they run towards me "Yes Lady Aphmau?" I say "Bring me Shad, I need to talk to him!" one of them say "But lord Shad said he doesn't want to be disturbed." I say "This is important and I need him right now!!" they look at each other "Ok lady Aphmau!" they leave "Someone wants to destroy what we have." the door opens "Did you call me my queen?" I say "Yes, I have news Shad. Someone wants to destroy what we have: our kingdom" he says "Don't worry Irene, no one is going to defeat us." he yells "Guards!! Get ready for a future battle!" he looks at me "Now I'll finish my business." I stop him "Oh no you won't." I drag him to the king size bed "I want you right here and now." I jump on him "Irene, don't you think-" I cut him off my kissing him "Shut up and enjoy this~" I kiss him "You work too much." in one second I take off his armor "Irene, you should relax." I say "Now are you afraid~?" I bite his neck and walk my hands on his body "This is so much better~!" I smirk "See~?" I lick from his chest to his private place and on his boxers, on his member "Do not tease me." I take off his boxers, his member stays up "Someone is excited I see~" I lick it "Nngh~ Irene~" I suck it hard "I'm so close~!" he releases after a minute. I swallow his seeds "Tasty~" I move his head to my entrance, he is eating me, I moan "His tongue is like a snake. He gets better~" I release inside his mouth, he has a smirk on his face. I go on his member "You are warm~" I move up and down "Irene... don't hurt youself." he puts a hand on my cheek "I won't my lord." I kiss him while i'm still moving "I am about to-" he cums, but I keep going "Irene... you will get pregnant." I say "No worries, we have enough kids." I think he just got dizzy at how much pleasure he gets "From now on, when I want to be alone, I want to be alone with you~" I smirk "When you became handsome?" he chuckles. We release again, I lay on the bed "Thanks~" I say "You are very welcome Shad, I love you~" I kiss his cheek before I close my eyes to sleep.

*the next day*
Me and Shad are sitting on our throne while we play with Alina and Lilith G. The door opens "Lord Shad and Lady Irene, we caught the traitor. What can we do with him?" I say "Torture him, then tell Gene to alter his memory, so he can become evil again." Shad says "You heard her, now leave." the guard leaves "You really like being a queen." I say "Why wouldn't I? I can do what I want." Shad grins and the girls giggle.

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