Aphmau x Laurance MCD

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Author POV:
Everyone says Nether is dangerous, a lot more hotter, no one could survive the heat and it is the place where SK live, but not everyone is bad. There is a couple in a 1 floor house, enjoying peace and quiet... and maybe more...

Aphmau POV:
I'm laying on the bed, reading a book, since Laurance is out. I try to distract myself until he comes back because... I'm in heat... everytime I think about him... his pretty eyes... his charming smile... his abs... omg I feel like I am blushing so much! I get that ticklish feeling between... my legs... making me bite my lip. I'm wearing a purple and black nightgown. I can't really... handle the heat, so wearing this helps me. I don't know how, but the bed is so soft, like, I'm staying on a cloud. I close the book and put it away, bc I finished it and lay back down. Hehe~!

Author POV:
Aphmau's boobs are B to C cup. They are on her view and she is thinking "I am alone so... no one will know..." she takes off her bra and plays with her hard nipples. She is biting her bottom lip while doing that. She doesn't hear the front door. Laurance returned, he is taking off his armor, getting ready to take a nap, but when he opens the door, he finds his lover playing with herself, making him smirk. He stops her for a bit "Playing by yourself? Did you really miss me that much?" "Uhh" "This game requires two players~" he slaps her butt, making her yelp "What a naughty girl. I'm also in heat, so you are lucky~" he takes off his shirt and attacks Aphmau with kisses and bites "Did anyone tell you how pretty you are?" "No?" "Too bad. You are pretty~" he takes off her red panties, wanting to leave the nightgown on her "You're seriously wet? My my, I should punish you for being impatient, but I was too. What should I do first?" he places her on his lap and plays with her nipples, making them want endless attention, her back facing him "Don't think I will stop soon naughty~" if he tickles her, the pleasure will increase more, but he wants to go straight to the business "Would you help me with my problem dear~?" "Of course love" she takes his boxers. His 9 inch member is pretty hard by how it looks. She massages it, making him moan. She lowers herself on his member "There you go~" he moves her up and down, even finding her good spot and hitting it. She loves how her lover is inside her "Moan for me dear~" she's panting, moaning and sweating, from both lust and heat of the Nether "Where do you want me to release~?" "Inside~" "Are you sure? I can get you pregnant." "I don't care~" he is very close "Alright love~" with a last thrust, he releases deep into Aph, she lets out a soft moan... feeling the hot seeds of her love. Both collapse in the bed, he covers both with a blanket "You made my day better~" he kisses her head "You are the only thing right in this twisted world." she giggles "Am I dear?" "Of course~" they fall asleep.

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