Shad x Zane

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Author POV:
Two years ago, Zane stole Shad's fragment, he got captured after a few days. Shad got his fragment back, but instead of killing Zane, he kept him as a pet bc he never saw such a beautiful body. Today is Shad's birthday, the only thing he wants is taking over the world and kill Irene, but he doesn't know what surprise he will get soon.

Shad POV:
My birthday... to me the birthdays are just normal days which you turn one year older, celebrate your birthday and get presents, but I got everything I want: Nether, knights, Aaron's body, my relic and a beautiful pet. The only thing I want is to kill lord Aphmau and take over the world "My Lord!" I look to see one of my maids "Your surprise is ready." I raise an eyebrow "A surprise? Well thanks, you can get it here." she nods and walks away. After a few minutes someone enters in my room "Happy birthday master!" I look behind again and what i see it makes me grin: Zane is wearing a maid outfit and under it he wears the 'special' outfit "My oh my Zane, you look so beautiful~!" he blushes "Come closer~" he walks closer, I grab his waist and kiss him "We are going to have a lot of fun~" I drop him on my bed and kiss him deeply, then i attack his neck with love bites "This outfit looks really good on you, especially when you wear the special one under it~" I grab handcuffs and tie his wrists above his head, I tie his legs at the bed posts, then I put a blindfold on him "Now open" he opens his mouth wide, I put the gag in, strapping the belt on, he is a blushing mess. I look at his body, he looks so helpless and fragile, just the way I like it, i whisper in his ear "I'm glad that I have you as my pet Ro'Meave~" I bite his earlobe and rub his member through his panties, I hear him moaning through the gag, I leave some bites on his chest and belly, a lot of SK were staring at him, they have to understand that he is my pet and no one can have him, only I can, plus I love him and Zane knows that. I move his panties, his member stands up "You're really excited, aren't you Zane~?" he blushes more, I grab a vibrator and put it on his member, I turn it on and Zane starts moaning, I put my tongue in his entrance and make it nice and wet. After i'm done I turn the vibrator on maximum and enter him, he moans loudly, I move faster and deeper, Zane is a moaning mess, I move the gag a little, so i can hear his sweet moans "M-M-Master~ ahhh~" I hit his prostate, making him scream of pleasure. After a few hours I release for the last time, i pull out and turn off the vibrator "Well Zane, you made my day better~" I untie him and take off the blindfold, he plays with his fingers and blushes "It's my duty to make you feel better Shad. I love you." that makes me smile "Aww" I kiss him "From now on, you are going to sleep with me." his face turns red "W-W-What?" I say "I saw a lot of Shadow Knights staring at you. You are my pet, no one else's." he says "Yes master..." I smile "Now lay down." he lays down, i lay near him and wrap my arms around him "Goodnight ZuZu~" he blushes again "Goodnight Shad" I close my eyes and fall asleep.

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