Laurance x Zane

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Laurance POV:
Dante is so annoying! He beats me and Garroth at every video game! I'm sure he is cheating! I sit on my chair and go on Youtube, I click on Aph's new video, I watch it. Of course she films her dog, then it appears Zane as a meif'wa, I blush and smile... Zane Ro'Meave... I have a big crush on him from a time, he is so cute, his freckles makes him more adorable, I just want to hug him and never letting him go, but he doesn't feel the same about me, he even gave me a nickname, "Little Laurance" but I don't care, he is a sweet cupcake, i'm going to visit him. I grab my jacket and go to the door, Garroth asks me "Where are you going?" I say "To visit a friend." I get out of the house and walk to Zane's house. I knock on his door and wait, but no answer, I knock again, still no answer, is he ok? The door opens and it reveals a tired Zane "Hi Laurance..." I smile "Hi Zane, are you ok?" he nods and lets me inside, I step inside, take off my jacket and sit on his couch "I'll make you some tea." he goes to the kitchen "This is my chance..." I go behind him and hug him "Laurance?" I smirk and kiss his neck "W-W-What are you doing?" I say "You know I like you." he shivers "Laurance I-" I cut him off "I love you Zane." he stays silent then turns around and kisses me... he kisses me... HE KISSES ME! I'M SO HAPPY! I kiss him back, he drags me to his bedroom and pushes me to his bed, he gets on top then takes off my shirt and we make out.

*the next morning*
I wake up slowly in a room, then I remember what happened last night... last night it was so beautiful... so enjoyable... his lips were so soft... his moans were like music to my ears... he looked so fragile... he belongs to me now, I had sex with him and it was amazing, he is my little nugget and I love him. I kiss his forehead while I cuddle him, my phone vibrates, so I grab it and read a text from Garroth:
G: Where are you?
L: Zane needed me so I stayed at his house for the night. Don't worry, he is fine now.
G: Thanks for taking care of him!
I put my phone on the bedside table "Laurance?" I look at him "Yes?" he yawns "Don't tell Garroth, he is too overprotective." I chuckle "I know" I peck his lips "So, are we a thing now?" I nod "Yes Zane, you're my boyfriend now." he smiles "Wanna take a bath with me?" I nod. We get up and go to the bathroom, he turns on the water then grabs a bottle with soap and pours some liquid in the bathtub. He puts the bottle down then turns off the water and gets in, I get in behind him, I wash him "You don't have to do this." I smile "I don't mind it." after i'm done he washes me. After the bath we get dressed and eat breakfast "I love you ZuZu~!" he blushes "Shut up!" I chuckle and hug him, he hugs back.

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