Aphmau x Zane MCD part 2

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Aphmau POV:
"Zaaaane~ where are you~?" I look for him around the castle while I wear a purple bathrobe, but under it I wear a sexy outfit, I want to make him a little surprise "I am here honey." he comes downstairs "Do you need something?" I ask "Can we go to your special room? I have a surprise for you." he raises an eyebrow, but we go to the room, I lock the door, so no one can disturb us "Ok Aph, what's the surprise??" I open my bathrobe to reveal the outfit, his eyes widen and gets a nosebleed "What... is this?" I smirk "The surprise~" he grabs a tissue to cover his nose "You wanna play with me?" I giggle "Maybe~?" he smirks "Come here you sexy angel~" I walk towards him, he grabs my waist and kisses me roughly, I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He drops me on the bed "Get on your knees." I do as he says, I see a vibrator in his hands, he puts it in my entrance and turns it on, I moan "You look better with that outfit~" he sits on the bed, I get on top of him "Zane~ kiss me~" he kisses my neck "Naughty girl~" I giggle "I wonder what happens if I do this~" he starts to rub and tickle the place where only girls are ticklish: on the legs near entrance "Nngh~" he chuckles "You likes this, don't you~?" the vibrator goes on medium and he tickles harder "Ahhh~" he opens the outfit a little, so he can lick my boobs and suck my nipples, I try to open his pants "Eager I see~" I touch his tent from his boxers "Nngh~!!" I say "You are pretty excited~" the vibrator goes on max, I moan loudly and I cum, he turns it off, then he moves my panties. I take off his boxers, then I lick his tip, I take all of it in my mouth and suck, he is a moaning mess. He cums in my mouth, I swallow his sweet seeds, he leaves a few marks on my neck "I'll be gentle Aph~" he enters slowly, I moan loudly "Gosh so tight~!" I move up and down faster "Ahh~!!" he holds my hips to help me move faster, I feel him hit my g-spot "There~! Harder~!" he hits there harder "I'm close~!" he thrusts a few more times before I cum, he cums inside me "That was great..." he pants "Yeah... it was..." he pulls out and lays me near him, then we cuddle to sleep.

*the next day*
Zane POV:
Last night it was amazing, Aphmau is really a nice and sweet girl, I love her more than before, but I wonder why she got sick this morning. I called the doctor to check on her "Zane!!" I turn to see her "What's wrong?? What did the doctor say?" she shows me a test, a pregnancy one, I look at it... positive... "I'm pregnant!" I spin her around "I'm so happy! We're going to be parents!" she giggles while I spin her, then I kiss her "I love you Aph!!" she says "I love you too Zane!" we kiss for a long time.

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