Aphmau x Gene part 2

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Aphmau POV:
Today is Gene's birthday, I don't know what to get him, but I have an idea... I grab my phone to text him right now:
A: Happy Birthday!!
G: Awww you remembered~!
A: Of course I did my knight! There is a problem... a tiny one...
G: What is it?
A: I don't know what to get you.
G: No worries Kitty, I have everything I need, but will you come to my house tonight for dinner?
A: Of course I will. Besides I planned a surprise for you~
G: A surprise? Cute~ be here tonight~
A: Alright, you better be ready~
G: I will~

*few hours later*
I ring the doorbell "I hope he'll like it." he opens the door "Hey Kitty~" I smirk "Happy birthday" I hug him "Come in" I enter "Wow, your house looks good." he says "I prepared the dinner just for the two of us." I smell lasagna "No one will disturb us right?" Gene wraps his arms around me "Right~" he takes the lasagna out of the oven. After we eat, I drag him upstairs to find his bedroom "So, what is the surprise?" I take out a potion and throw it on me "Aphmau?" I get purple ears and tail "I'm all yours tonight~ your Kitty~" his cheeks turn red, but he grins "Come here~" I jump on top of him and kiss him roughly, I bite his lip while I rub his chest "What a naughty kitten~" Gene grabs my tail "Nya~" I manage to take off his shirt "I want you~" I rub his jeans "Not so fast Kitty~" he bites and leaves hickeys on my neck, I leave some too on his neck. I take off my clothes to show him my underwear "Purple looks great on you Kitty~" he rubs my tail, I moan "Hmm, I wonder..." he pets my ears, I purr on his chest "What a good kitten~" I show my nails "Meow" he gives me a gentle kiss before opening his jeans. I hear a phone ringing, Gene checks it "Zenix" he ignores the call "I have business to do~" I throw his jeans away, he slowly opens my bra "May I?" I get closer, he licks my nipples, then he sucks them, I play with his hair. Without noticing, I feel 2 of his finger inside me "Virgin?" I nod "Same, i'm not pervert." I giggle. I take off my panties "Blue boxers~? It looks good on you~" I take them off "I am ready birthday boy~" I slowly put his member in me "Nngh~" I feel pain, but mostly pleasure "Don't hurry ok?" I take deep breaths. I slowly move, he groans "God you're so tight~" he starts to thrusts "Faster~" he moves faster, I moan louder "Nyaaaaa~" he goes even deeper "Nngh~" i'm close to cum "I'm-ahhh~" we both cum, I collapse on his chest, both of us are panting "Thanks" I ask "Did you like it?" he nods "Very" I hear his phone again, he checks "Both are asking if i'm ok. I will say yes." he texts them, then leaves the phone "I'm sleepy" he yawns "Me too" he pulls the blanket over us "Goodnight Aph" I say "Goodnight Gene" we both fall asleep, cuddling each other while we dream...

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