Aphmau x Zane MCD

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Aphmau POV:
The love... the most beautiful thing in the world... couples holding hands, kissing and staying together... today is Valentine's Day, I look from my window of my room at all the couples, they are so cute! Someone knocks at my door "Lady Aphmau?" it's Garroth "Come in!" he opens the door and comes in my room "I need your help!" I raise an eyebrow "For?" he blushes "I have a date with Laurance" I gasps "OMG OMG OMG WHEN?" he says "Tonight, I don't know what to wear!"
I take out an outfit from my closet and give it to him "Here, wear this!" he takes it "Thank you so much!" I smirk "Sooo I guess you are the "lady"?" he nods blushing then leaves my room.

*time skip*
"Oh Aphmau!" who calls me? I look around and see Lucinda waving "Hi Lucinda, happy Valentine's Day!" she says "You too my dear, I want to give you something." he shows me a potion "A love potion, just for you, use it on someone you like." I smile and take the potion "Thank you Lucinda!" I hug her and walk away. I see Dante and KC kissing "Happy Valentine's Day you both!" they turn around blushing, Dante says "You too Lady Aphmau!" I jump up and down while walking "Aphmau!" Katelyn? "Oh hi Katelyn!" she smiles "Happy Valentine's Day, wanna come with me at O'Khasis." I think for a moment then nod, she takes my hand "We will ride there."

*At O'Khasis*
"Here we are Aph! I have business here, but you can walk around, i'll see you later." she walks away. Good thing Cadenza made me this big cape with hoodie and took it before getting here. I look at the potion... someone I like... I see the church in front of me, so I go there. The church is big, but why nobody is here? I hear footsteps coming, so I hide somewhere, the person holds an icon... Zane? He is the high priest, of course he would be here. I try to get closer, but the floor makes a creak, so I go back to my hiding spot "Who's there?" I gulp and try to stay quiet "Show yourself!" I do nothing. The footsteps are coming to me, Zane grabs me and takes off my hoodie "Lady Aphmau?" I smile nervously "Happy Valentine's Day... heh..." he lets me go "What brings you here?" I say "Katelyn invited me to come here." he says "That's very nice of her." I ask "Sooo are you busy today?" he says "No, why?" I smile "Would you like to be my date?" he looks at me shocked "Excuse me?" I nod "Lady Aphmau, i'm very shocked, but no." my smile fades "Why not?" he says "I'm not really interested, I know my brother dates Laurance, but i'm sure any guy wants to date you." I pout "Come on Zane, please?" he shakes his head, i do my puppy eyes, he sighs "Lady Aphmau, a lord like you can't date with a priest like me." I frown "You're a prince and the high priest at the same, it's a big thing." he says nothing. I look at his mask, what he hides behind the mask? I grab it and take it "LADY APHMAU!!" I gasp, he has freckles and his lips look soft "You are so adorable!" he blushes and takes his mask back and puts it on "Why did you do that?" I smile "I was curious about what is behind your mask." he frowns. I pull down his mask and kiss him, he breaks it "I think you should go." he walks to a big icon with Irene. I remember about the love potion, I take it out and throw it at Zane, he turns around then looks directly at me, his sky blue eyes have a tint of pink, he grabs me and kisses me, I kiss back, then I giggle "Come on Zane, let's go somewhere together, i'm starving!" I grab his hand and run to place while I drag him with me hehe.

*time skip*
"The sunset is really beautiful!" he says "Not as beautiful as you!" I blush "Awww thank you!" we hold hands. I knew there was a good heart inside Zane, I lean closer and kiss him, he kisses back, when we break the kiss my eyes widen, the pink tint is gone.

Zane POV:
I smile "I knew Lucinda gave you a love potion, but i'm not mad." she looks down, I put my index under her chin "I give you a chance." a big smile appears on her face and she jumps on me, attacking me with kisses "Aph!" she giggles "I knew you have a good heart." I smile and peck her lips, but she attacks my face with kisses again "Aphmau!" we turn our heads to see Katelyn "Hey Katelyn!" she asks "Zane is your crush?" Aph nods "Lucinda gave me a love potion." she rolls her eyes "Of course... can we go home?" Aph asks "Can Zane come?" I say "It's ok Aphmau, I can stay here." she pouts "But I want you to come..." she does her puppy eyes "Fine I'll come."

*later in Phoenix Drop*
Aphmau wants to spy on Garroth and Laurance at their date, me and Kate refused, but she dragged us to a restaurant. We watch them from a window, they are really cute, Aph goes inside with Katelyn. After a few minutes they come out as waitresses... oh dear... they serve him food, but a man comes at the table and laugh at the guys. Laurance gets mad, but Katelyn holds him, blocking him to turn into a SK, Aphmau tells him to go away, but he doesn't listen and laugh at Garroth, I hear him saying "The first prince of O'Khasis is a loser and a chicken, plus it's wrong to be gay!" I get mad, he doesn't have the right to talk to my brother like that! The man laughs more, Garroth starts crying, I get angrier, he pushes Garroth, making him fall. I make my hands in fists... I had enough... I step in the restaurant, everyone gasps, the guy smirks "Oh look, the second prince and high priest of O'khasis!" I glare at him "You don't have the right to talk to my brother like that!" he steps closer to me "What are you doing to do?" I smirk. My skin turns black and my eyes turn white, the guy gets scared and runs away, I turn back and help Garroth getting up. He hugs me "Thank you so much Zane!" I smile, Aph says "Zane that was awesome!" Garroth asks me "Have you found someone?" Katelyn says "Aphmau used a love potion on Zane." both says "WHAT!!" she laughs nervously "I like him..." she hugs my arm, Garroth hugs us both "I'm so happy my brother found his love!" Laurance chuckles "Congrats guys!" me and Aphmau says "Thank you!" we go to her house after this long, but nice day. She is holding my hand and I blush while we walk. I don't know how, but this girl opened my black heart in her own way, she is smart and beautiful at the same time.

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