Gene x Dante MCD

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Gene POV:
Heh heh heh... I finally got him... he thought he could escape from me, but I found him in Scaleswind after a few days... now to do what I planned for a few weeks... I go into my house and take off my armor, go in my bedroom and there he is: tied, blindfolded... gag in his mouth... his armor is off... and he is sleeping. I don't want to use him as a toy, I want him to realise that i'm his only family he has AND should love... i'm the one who will make him powerful... i'm the one who took care of him when our parents were busy... he doesn't need his wife, he doesn't need his friends, he doesn't need his kids, he doesn't need his close friend Nicole... or Lady Aphmau... he needs ME and only me! I have him here and he's only mine! Oh Dante... you have no idea what long night is waiting for you... I hear sounds, he starts to wake up, I walk closer "Had a good nap little brother~?" he tries to move "It's useless to move, you're tied anyway." he tries to talk "Nothing bad is going to happen, don't worry~" I get closer "You thought you escaped from me? You were wrong~" I move his gag "Where am I?" I say "Inside my house, in Nether." he yells "Please let me go!" I grin "Why should I? I have you, after all these years." I whisper in his ear "You will understand that I am your only family~" I get on top of him and smash my lips on his "Mmph!!" I lick his bottom lip, he refuses to open his mouth, not on my watch. I rub his hips, he gasps, I smirk and push my tongue in his mouth and explore it, he moans in the kiss, I break it, leaving a string of our mixed salivas "You're so cute when you blush~" I put the gag back on his mouth and attack his neck with love bites, he moans again. I take off his shirt "He worked out, I did too." I leave kisses and bites from his chest to his belly, I take off his pants and see a big tent "Someone is really excited~" I rub the tent with my index finger "Nngh~" I say "Don't worry Dante, it will get better~" I grab the rim of his boxers and take them off "I thought you were little, looks like you proved me wrong~" I take off his gag and put 2 fingers in his mouth, he sucks them. After they get wet, I take them out and put one in his entrance, he grunts, I put the other finger, he melts under my touch "Hah~ Gene~" I found his sweet spot, I touch it again "Ahh~" I ask "Do you want this blueberry~??" he says "Yes~ please~ i need you~" he whispers in my ear "I want you inside me~" this turned me on. I lay him on the bed and take off my clothes "You have no idea how much I waited for this moment~" I untie his hands and enter him, he gasps, I know it hurts him "Shhh just tell me when to move." I wait for him to adjust, we both are 9 inches "You can move" I start to move slowly "Nngh~ ahhh~" i move a little faster, he wraps his arms around my neck "Ah~ please~ faster~" I do as he says, then I hit his sweet spot "AH~!" I hit that spot again and again "Gene~!" I moan "Gosh, not a virgin, but you're tight~" I go deeper "Ah~ hah~" I feel a knock in my stomach "I'm coming~" I pump his member "Me too~" we cum at the same time "We're not done yet blueberry~" I roll him on his stomach.

*the next day*
Dante POV:
I wake up slowly, my butt hurts a little bit, I remember what happened last night, he made sure that I will not get pregnant "Good morning blueberry~" I blush "Your armor is old, how about I give you a new armor? You can still keep your old one." I look at him "Are you sure?" he nods "Okay, thank you"

*time skip*
I look at myself in the mirror, wearing a SK armor and holding a red sword, a Shadow Knight sword "Gorgeous" he hugs me from behind "I thought you have to go through a pain to become a SK." he says "I used another way to turn you." I hug him "I love you" "I love you too." we share a kiss.

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