Levin x Malachi

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Malachi POV:
I will kill Michi! She made Levin cry! I will tie her near a tree and burn her!! If I was still a ghost, I would have use my ability until she cried, she would know the pain Levin is NOW because of her! I go to the tree where me and Levin played when we were little, he must be there. I hear sobs, I use stairs to get there "Levin?" he says "Leave..." I frown "What Michi said is not true!" I continue "You are the best brother!! You are a great lord, a great friend!" I take a deep breath "And I love you" he looks at me "I love you... more than a brother... I was alone in the castle for 900 years... these years with you were the best. We're not brothers by blood, but I want to be with you until we die. We could die together." he is silent for a moment, then he jumps in my arms and kisses me, I kiss him back "Is this true?" I say "Of course!" I carry him in my arms to his house "I won't let you go." he smiles, I can feel it, because he put his head on my neck. I enter in his house and I try to put him on his bed, but he doesn't let go "Stay with me." I kiss his forehead "Anything for you." I play with his hair "I love you." I smile "I love you too." I look in his blue eyes "He is handsome..." I smash my lips on his lips, he kisses back. The kiss turns into a make out session, then we start taking off our clothes, I leave bites on his body, his sweet moans turn me on so much "Malachi~ more~" I grin and put my tongue in his entrance, I enjoy his taste. After I finish I enter him, he sobs "Shhh, it will be ok." I whisper in his ear the things I love about him, he blushes and moans, that means he got used to my member, so I start moving "Malachi~!" I go deeper "Ahhh~!" I go insane, his moans are so sweet. I hit a spot "There~!! Right there~!!" I hit his spot faster and pump his member "I'm close~!!" I groan "How can you be that tight~?" I feel a knot in my stomach, I go at an inhuman speed until I cum in his entrance, he cums on our chests. I pull out "Are you tired?" he shakes his head, I can see the love and lust in his eyes "Please more~" I smile "Ok love~" I kiss his forehead before I thrust again.

*the next day*
I yawn, the sun rised earlier, I forgot the summer came, I look at Levin, he looks cute when he sleeps "Levin~" he says "I don't want to wake up." I say "I know, me neither. How about we stay home today, it can be our day off." he smiles "I would love to." I get up "I go tell the others that you need to sleep." I go downstairs after I dress up. Alexis is cooking "Alexis" she turns her head "Lord Levin is really tired, he needs a day off and I will take care of him. Can you please tell the other guards, so no one would disturb him?" she says "Yes Malachi" I say "You get even better at cooking." she smiles "I'll take the food to Levin." I grab the plate and go back upstairs. Levin is sitting on the bed "I smell food?" I say "Bacon and eggs" he smiles "Will you eat with me Malachi, please?" I say "Fine" I feed him while I eat, then after we finish, we make out.

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