Katelyn x Jeffory

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Author POV:
Jeffory calls Katelyn to take care of his little Abby, Katelyn accepts and in the next day, she goes to his house... little did she know, Aphmau and Travis are taking care of Abby and he has a plan to get her on his green king sized bed.

Katelyn POV:
I knock on his door, I hear footsteps, I rub my arm, the door is opening, I see the mint green eyes I fell in love with a few years ago "Hey Jeffory, I came to take care of Abby." he smiles "Thanks for coming! Abby is hiding, I looked in the kitchen and living room. Can you help me search for her upstairs?" I go in the house "She likes hide and seek." we go upstairs. I search for her in the bathroom, she is not there, I search in the guest room, she is not there either "Katelyn! I found her!" I heard Jeffory from his room, I run there "Abby??" I look around the bedroom, is too dark "Why are there candles and petals?" I hear the door closing, then locking, I jump and look behind "Jeffory? What is going on?" he has a grin on his face "Aphmau and Travis are taking care of Abby. I just wanted some time with you, a romantic evening~" he walks to me "Jeffory, I-I-I think we should talk about this." I step back "What is there to talk~?" I fall on his bed, I get up, but he's in front of me "You can't escape~" he smashes his lips on mine. I missed his kisses, but I moved on, I try to get him off, he is too strong "Don't fight it babe~" he takes off his shirt, he is still hot like in high school "J-J-Jeffory" he licks my neck. In a second my clothes are on the floor "Sexy~" he opens the belt of his pants to move them down "This blue underwear looks great on you~" he unclips my bra "Jeffory, are you under the effect of a potion??" he smirks "Nope~" he licks between my boobs while he takes off my panties. I see lust in his eyes, he licks all the way down to my private area, then he puts his tongue it, I let out a moan "Jeffory ah wait~" he doesn't stop, the lust took over my body too. I let out a moan as I release, he licks his lips and takes off his boxers "Get ready~" he thrusts in, it doesn't really hurt "You are not that tight. Is this your first time?" I nod "I thought Travis got you." I laugh at his joke. He moves at a fast speed "Oh my Irene~" I wrap my arms around him "I never knew this would feel so good~" he chuckles "We love each other, right my firecracker~?" I blush, I remember that nickname "Y-Yeah AH~" he found my g-spot, he hits there harder "I-I'm-" he pants "I know~" he thrusts for one more minute, then we both release. I feel a bit dizzy, he pulls out, his seeds are coming out, he collapses near me "You enjoyed it~" I say "To be honest, yeah I did." he kisses me again, I kiss back "I knew you would~" he covers us with a blanket, then we fall asleep.

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