Daniel x Aphmau x Blaze

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(Another threesome... oh boy kill me)
Aphmau POV:
Great... just great... Ein is my brother, half-brother. I hate my dad, I hate Ein, I should hate every single werewolf! I have the Lycans as my family. Hating them would make me heartless, what am I going to do? For now nothing. I just need to bring the towels to the... boys' locker room... again... damn you Dottie... I hope I will not bump into Daniel again, it was awkward, but in the end we are dating. I enter in the locker and put the towels down "Aph, again?" really? "Blame Dottie" "I was about to take a shower. Good thing you got towels, bc you'll shower with me." Daniel picks me up "WAIT! Are you crazy??? I'm not allowed here!!!" "No one will know. Don't worry~" he undresses me "Screw you..." "You love me~" I am naked in front of him... "A cabinet just for us~" he closes the door and turns on the hot water "EEEE" "Is it that hot?" "No, but it's like it rains." "It's fun" I try not to look down "Look at me" I look into his green eyes "Just look at me" I find myself staring "May I wash you?" "I can do that myself" "I still want to." "Fine" he washes me. I recognise the shampoo "Wait, this is my favorite shampoo." "I really liked the smell, that's why I bought it." "Are you sure no one will see me?" "It's the end of classes. Some people are in the clubs. No one will be here." we finish the bath, but I feel... bothered "Need some help?" it's not the first time we did this, so I nod. He places himself on the concrete "Come on, sit on my lap."

Author POV:
Aph gets on top of Daniel, he gently kisses her lips, then her neck. He licks and sucks both nibbles "Someone got hard~" he pushes himself inside her, he is 8 inches "Slow and easy~?" "You know it" he already gets to her sweet spot, sending waves of pleasure in her body. He cums inside her, the shower washes it off "Better?" "Mmhm" they cuddle for a bit "Aw you started the fun without me?" they recognize the voice. They see the red haired with ponytail and two colored eyes "Blaze what are you doing here??" Daniel hides Aph as he is shocked to see him "I wanted to ask Aph to go to a movie with me, but I couldn't find her. I tracked her smell and here I am." Daniel growls at him "Why fighting over her? We both can have her." "That's wrong" "That's for her to decide. We both like her." the 2 look at Aph "Blaze... I like Daniel" "But don't you remember our moments? It was before you guys started dating." he has a point. They went on a date, it was beautiful, but Aph wasn't ready to date. Now she is stuck in the boys' locker room with two hot boys "I..." before she can say another word, she is kissed by Blaze "BLAZE" "Come on man, think about it." Blaze lays on the floor with Aph on his lap "Like what you see~?" she looks at Daniel "You... both are nice" "See? She likes us both, so what's the point in fighting?" Blaze kisses her head "I guess you're right." Aphmau is about to have both of her holes filled "Don't be shy. We'll take good care of you~" this time, Blaze is the one taking the sweet part while Daniel takes the butt. Aph is about to faint from all the pleasure as the guys are moving "Gosh so tight~" "Her butt is more tighter~" she is moaning like crazy "How can this feel so good?" her nipples are played by both "Someone got hard I see~" Blaze is a bit amused "Are you enjoying this Aph~?" she is a moaning mess "Yesssss~" once again cum is released deep inside her, but is washed off "Come here sweet heart~" Daniel hugs her "We should go to the treehouse to hang out" the boys dress up before dressing her, she fell asleep "What if she gets pregnant?" "She will not Daniel. Besides, if she would, we'll love the puppies." after a lot of walk, they climb the tree and get on the big sleeping bag, both cuddling Aphmau.

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