Vampire Aphmau x Blue Guy

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(In the FalconClaw University)
Aphmau POV:
Ugh! Why can't I study?? The subjects are very hard! I wish I took a year off to wait for Kacey to graduate. I hope he is okay... "Hey baby!" I turn to see a lightly tanned guy with blue hair and light blue eyes "How's it cooking good looking~?" that makes me chuckle, it was pretty funny "Trying to study" I show him "Ah, that. I think I can help you." "What year are you? "Third. You are first year am I correct?" "Yeah. I'm Aphmau" "Jacob. I assume you have a boyfriend?" "Yeah, but he is away for now." "Sad" he helps me study, saying pick-up lines from timevto time. I see them funny "Thanks for the help" "No worries. Actually, can you help me too please?" "Sure" he brings me to a huge library... so many books here "Do you believe in supernatural?" "I do. Why?" "People think i'm nuts for believing in them. Sure there are werewolves, but not vampires." "Oh there are" "There's one specific vampire I wanna meet." "Who is it?" "The princess. I heard she is loyal and nice with her people. My mom always thought I would be her right hand, but that is ridiculous." "It's not" "You want me to help you search information about her." "Yeah. I don't think we will find tho." we search for books about the princess, aka me. It should be at least a book "I found it!" I sit on a sofa. I open the book, what it says in it is about me, everything is... true "I would love to meet her, but it's impossible. No one knows her identity in public." "Some know" "I heard she'll fly around tonight, because full moon is coming." "Really?" "Yep. Maybe you will have the chance." "Thanks for the info! I owe you one! Gotta go to class!" he runs out "Looks like I found the guy who can be my head guard~" I smile...

*Later at night*
Author POV:
Jacob is outside, even tho it's past bed time. He is too excited to sleep. He has one chance to meet the princess, soon to be queen. He hears a flap of wings. Aphmau lands on ground "Hello" his breath cuts "P-Princess" "So you know me." "Of course! You're a legend!" she giggles "Oh shoot" he bows "No need to bow." he gets on feet "Why people are scared of you?" "Some believe I'm a blood sucker." "You're not" "I'm glad there are some kind people like you." they go in a dark corner "Princess, um sorry to say this, but you sound very familiar." "How?" "I met this girl who is cute. She's not like others. She said I might have a chance to meet you." "I told you" "Huh?" Aphmau reveals her face "Aph...?" "You already met me in my disguise." Jacob's heart is beating. He already met the princess "And you are going to be my head guard~" Aph corners him. She softly bites him. He feels his consciousness fading slowly...

*The next morning*
A teacher found Jacob on the ground, bleeding from the neck. He called the ambulance. The doctors are confused on what bit him. The holes are bigger than from a snake bite or a bat bite. A lot of tests were made, neither had a clear answer. Jacob wakes up "Doctor he is awake!" the nurse takes off the bandage "How are you feeling?" "I... I feel dizzy..." "Do you remember what happened before you fainted?" "No... I don't... how long I was passed out?" "A day. We called the school, so no worry if you miss work." Jacob looks outside the window, then at the clock. It's two in the afternoon "You should rest. You can go back to university tomorrow." doctor leaves the room. Jacon feels a ticklish feeling on neck. He scratches the place where he got bit. He realizes he got bit by the princess "What did... what did she say before I fainted...?" he can't remember "I swear to Irene! The vampires are nothing but killers!" that was a nurse. Jacob listens carefully "I can't believe another got attacked! Is she really the princess? More like one bloodsucker!" he is confused on who is she talking about "Princess A. of all bloodsuckers! She should die!" anger fills Jacob. The nurse is talking about Aphmau, but in a very ugly way "No one should talk about the princess like that!" the nurse enters the room "Did I wake you up?" "No" "I will give you an injection." he looks at the liquid, he's insecure. Suddenly, he feels an urge... the urge for blood... fangs grow from his mouth... he slowly gets next to the nurse and bites her! She is screaming of pain and her blood is sucked, she's getting paler and paler. She falls dead, Jacob cleans his mouth. It was the first time drinking blood and it was a nice meal. Good thing there isn't a camera in the room. He gets under blanket. A doctor rushes inside "WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED??" "S-S-Someone came here and attacked t-the nurse!" other nurses take the dead one "Are you okay?" he nods "I am sorry that you saw that." the doctor leaves. From the window there is a knock. Aphmau is outside "Princess?" "Come with me. You are not safe here." she offers her hand to him. He takes it, wings come out from his back. He jumps and both fly off somewhere for the night. They go back to college as normal students.

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