Dante x Vylad

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Vylad POV:
"Vylad~! Where are you~?" you've got to be kidding me... me and Dante play "Cat and Mouse" i'm hiding in the closet of my bedroom of my house and he wants to have "fun" with me "Vylad~! Come out~! You can't hide from me forever~!" I called my big brothers, but they are on their dates, I hope he won't find me. I hear my bedroom door opening then hear it getting locked... oh no... "Vylad~!" I bite my lip "Irene save me!" I can't see what he is doing "Are you under the bed~? Hmm, no you're not. Are you in the bathroom~? Nope... not here." the footsteps stops... oh crap... the closet opens "There you are~!" he grabs me and pushes me on the bed. He kisses me roughly, his eyes are full of lust, he takes off my clothes and his clothes while he attacks my body with love bites. He pushes one finger in my entrance, I grunt from discomfort, he adds another finger, I moan. He scissors his fingers until he finds my sweet spot, he smacks that spot and I moan loudly "I found it~" he takes off his boxers and puts his member in my entrance, tears falls from my eyes, he removes them with his thumbs and whispers in my ear sweet nothings. After the pain turns into pleasure I give him the sign to move. He moves slowly "Faster~" he asks "What was that~?" I say "Faster~!" he smirks and goes faster, he hits the spot, I get overwhelmed by the pleasure. I wrap my arms around his neck, we cum at the same time "We are not done yet~" he puts me on my hands and knees, then starts again. I become a moaning mess "Vylad~ I love you~" I try to speak, but from my mouth it comes out only moans "Ah~ ah~ Dante~" he moves faster and harder, my eyes go behind my head, my tongue hangs open, my body is filled with much pleasure. We cum for the second time, but he puts me on his lap, his hands on my hips and moves me up and down, I think i'm going to have a sore butt tomorrow. He kisses me, I kiss back, after a long time we cum for the third time, we are panting like dogs "I used protection, don't worry." he pulls out, then we lay on the bed and sleep.

*the next day*
Gosh... my ass hurts like hell... Dante went rough on me... I look at him, he's still sleeping, he's cute when he sleeps. I get up slowly, but i'm dragged back on the bed "Nooooo~ don't go~" I sigh "Dante, I have to make breakfast." he whines "Just stay with me~" I groan "Fine" he cuddles me "Thank you~" I say "I hate you" he chuckles "You love me~" I roll my eyes "Ok, I love you..." he says "I love you too~" he kisses my cheek and I put my head on his chest.

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