Malachi x Yip

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Levin POV:
"LEVIN! HELP!" I sigh "What is it?" he yells "It's the session!" I ask "Um, what session?" he says "Mating session!! Do you know what that means??" I shake my head "Yip is going to get me!" I say "And you want me to...??" he says "Plz hide me!" I say "Alright fine Malachi!"

*few minutes later*
"He won't find you in my house. Stay here and if you need anything, use the bell." I leave the house "Lord Levin!" I look to see Yip "Have you seen him?" I ask "Who?" he says "Malachi" I shake my head "Why are you after him?" he says "I love him so much!" I ask "What about Alexis?" he says "She is my best friend, plus i'm gay. Now where is the adorable Malachi?" I say "He went on a long trip, I don't know when he'll be back. You know he has more than 900 years." he says "I don't care, I will wait for him!" he walks away "I don't know if Malachi can hide until this session is over..." I go check if mom is doing fine.

Malachi POV:
I eat the pancakes from Zoey, she's the best at cookimg, After I finish, I take a nap, I lay on bed and close my eyes "I can hide until, mating session is over." I go into dream mode to go to sleep...

*3 hours later*
Ugh... why do I feel something wet...? I hear weird sounds... wait a minute... I look at the blanket, I see a tail "Oh no" I move the blanket... Yip is sucking my member. He looks at me "Hi~" my face is beet red "What are you doing in my bed?" he says "You know what session is~" I try to get up "Hehe~" he does the cute puppy eyes "Why me?" he says "I love you~" I say "I have more than 900 years." he says "I don't care" I sigh and make space, so he can lay near me. He wraps his arms around me, I mumble "Why is he so cute?" he says "Thanks!" I blush "Darn it! I forgot you can hear better than humans!" he laughs "Let's just go to sleep please..." I cuddle him.

*night time*
I can't sleep... why can't I sleep??? Yip doesn't snore or move in his sleep, so why can't I sleep? I am comfortable to sleep with him... maybe it's because of my feelings for him?? I started to like Yip a year ago, but I never showed it, because I was too busy, but now... i'm sleeping with him in my bed "Yip, are you awake?" he says nothing, I look at him, he's still sleeping "What if..." I put my lips on his lips "It wasn't so bad." I get grabbed and kissed "Thank you for the kiss~" I say "You know what? Let's do this." I get on top of him "Really?" I say "Yes... you know I have a crush on you right?" he smirks "I know~" I turn around and lick his tip "Ah~" I lick all of his member "Don't stop~" I suck all of it for a few minutes, then I stop and put it in my entrance "It hurts?" I say "Yeah, it's my first time, but i'll be ok." I look in his eyes and smile, he smiles back "I'm ready~" I start to move, I let out a soft moan "So tight~" he puts his hands on my hips to help me move "I think I like this~" he asks "Does it feel good~?" I moan "Yes~" he chuckles. A wave of pleasure fills my body "That's my prostate~!" he grins and hits there "Yip~!" he moans "Malachi i'm close~" he pumps my member, I moan loudly as I release, I feel his seeds filling me. He pulls out, then I fall on top of him "That was nice~" he smirks "I claimed you~" I say "You did Yip~" we cuddle.

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