Aphmau x Katelyn

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Aphmau POV:
"Aphmau~! Are you in your room~?" I look at the door confused "Who is that?" the door opens and reveals a guy who looks exactly like Katelyn. I jump from my bed "WHO ARE YOU?" the guy chuckles, then it hits me "Katelyn?" he smirks "Call me Karan~" he picks me up, sits on my bed, then puts me on his lap "You're so cute~" I try to get off, but his grip is strong. I feel something touching my butt, I look behind and blush, his member grew through his pants "K-K-Katelyn, you don't have to do this." his smirk grows "You're adorable when you blush and stutter~" he takes off my shirt and bra, then he massages my boobs, I moan "Karan~" he sucks my nipples while my fingers play with his hair "I used a gender swap potion, we are together since last year, I think we are ready for this." I kiss his head "I love you." he smiles "I love you too." he opens my pants "Already wet~?" he takes ogf both my pants and panties, then he strips to his boxers. He lowers his head to my pussy, then he puts his tongue inside "Nngh~ Karan~" I moan.

Karan POV:
She tastes so sweet, just like cookies, her moans turn me on so much. After i'm done, she cums on my face, she lays me on the bed and takes off my boxers, gives me a blowjob and sucks my member, I moan "What a naughty girl you are~" she sucks faster. I cum in her mouth, she swallows, I get on top of her and enter her "Damn, you are tight~" I move slowly, but after a minute I move faster and deeper, she becomes a moaning mess "I think i'm good as a guy too." she says "I'm hah~ coming~" I grunt "Me too~!" she cums on my member, I cum after her, I pull out then we fall on the bed, I wrap my arms around her and sleep with her.

*The next day*
Aphmau POV:
I... can't... believe... what happened yesterday... i'm not pregnant, so that's a good thing. I'm watching My Little Pony, but I still can't forget what happened. Katelyn sits near me on the couch with a smirk on her face, I move further, she puts an arm around me "Come on Aph, I know you liked it~" I blush "Shut up..." she chuckles "You love me even as a guy, admit it~" I sigh "I do..." she pecks my lips "What are you watching?" I say "My Little Pony" she says "How cute!" the front door opens "Kawaii~Chan is home!" we wave at her "Kawaii~Chan has a question. What were the sounds of last night in Aphmau~Senpai's room?" I blush crimson red "It was us having fun." KC asks "But I heard a guy." she says "I used a gender swap potion." I look at her "Katelyn!" she asks "What is it?" KC yells "KAWAII~CHAN SHIPS IT! My new shipping photos will be with Katemau!" she runs to her room, I facepalm "Good job Katelyn..." she smiles "It won't be that bad." I groan and just continue to watch my show.

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