Laurance x Zane part 2

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Zane POV:
Laurance is crazy, he doesn't leave me alone, he even moved in my house, he is like the glue, but I still love him, he loves me more than before "ZuZu!" he attacks me with kisses "My ZuZu~!!" I blush "Laurance... I think you should... go to sleep..." he looks at me with sad eyes "It's not that I don't want to stay with you. You worked very hard these days and I want you to rest. I will take a nap with you " he smiles and kisses me "At least he won't cry or be angry."

*few hours later*
"ZuZu~" I wake up "What?" he asks "I want to know if you love me." I say "If I didn't, I would have kicked you out." he giggles and cuddles me "So tiny~" I growl "Don't make me smack you!" he looks at me in the eye, his eyes change into red "You are my tiny nugget and... no one is going to touch you but me, ok?" I grab his face and kiss him, then I hug him "Of course..." he smiles "You don't know how happy you make me Zane~" I pet his hair "I know" he asks "Do you want us to get married?" I say "That would be nice, but maybe in the next year." he says "I can wait" I get a crazy idea. I go under the blanket "Are you ok ZuZu?" I rub his private place, he gasps "Zane~" I open his pants and massage his member "Nngh~ what are you doing~?" I grin "I play with you~"

Laurance POV:
The pleasure gets bigger and bigger, I can't resist anymore "Zane, I want you now~!" he says "As you wish Laur~" I take off my boxers while he takes off his shorts and boxers, I grab his hips and push him on my member, I moan "Tight, but you're warm~" I help him move "It feels great when your walls close around me ZuZu~" he says "You are hitting my prostate~" I smirk and hit there harder "Ahhh~!" I pump his member. We cum after a minute, I lay him on his back and start again "I love you Laur~" I say "I love you too~" we share a long kiss, we are sweating "I'm coming again~!!" he cums again, my seeds come out of his butt "I think we should take a bath together~" I carry him to the bathroom, then I make a
warm bath with candles, we got the idea, we needed time to relax, but he seems sad "What's wrong?" he says "I think I miss Garroth..." I know how he feels, I miss Cadenza "I will call him to stay over if you want..." he nods "You can call your sister." I grab my phone.

*time skip*
"Baby brother!" they hug "Laury!" she hugs me, I hug back "I am so glad we'll stay over, even if i am the only girl." I say "You will be fine." Zane whispers a 'thank you' in my ear, I kiss his cheek.

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