Aphmau x Aaron

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Author POV:
Aaron wakes up from a deep sleep, he finds himself on a bed, his hands are tied above his head, his legs are not tied, but his jacket and socks are on the floor and he is blindfolded. The weird thing is that he is in Aphmau's room... what is going to happen...????

Aaron POV:
"Who's there?" the person giggles "Oh Aaron, you look so cute~" I ask "Aphmau? Is that you?" she says "Mhm, who else could it be?" I try to move, but I fail "Why did you tie me?" she says "Because we are going to have some fun~!" I get scared "You... want to kill me?" she laughs "No silly! Let's just say it will be a lovely time~" I blush. Suddenly, I feel something wet on my stomach "A-A-Aph! What are you doing?" she giggles "You really work out, so I was wondering if you are ticklish." she is licking my abs... I feel pleasure and ticklish at the same time... I feel lips on my neck, I let out a moan "Was that a moan~?" I gulp "I knew you would like this~" omg... I feel myself getting hard... "Already excited Aaron~?" I hear her opening my pants and taking them off "My my, you seem very big~" I blush more, then I feel lips on my member, I start moaning. I never felt so much pleasure before... it feels nice... she sucks faster, I moan louder. I feel a knot in my stomach "Aphmau, i'm coming!" but after I say that I cum, she takes off the blindfold, her face is stained with my cum "I'm so sorry!" she giggles "No need to be sorry~" she cleans her face and kisses me with lust and passion. She opens the drawer and takes off a condom and unties my wrists "Put this on." I do as she says, she sits on my lap and lowers herself on my member "You know Aaron, you worked so hard these days, you need a break~" she moves up and down. I become a moaning mess "Aphmau~!" I grab her hips and move her faster "Aaron~!" she opens her bra, I kiss her nipples and suck them, she moans. After what seems like forever we cum at the same time, she collapses on the bed, I throw the condom in the trash "What if the girls find out?" she says "They won't, Katelyn is at Jeffory's and Kawaii~Chan is at work." I say "I love you Aph." she smiles "I love you too Aaron." we cuddle and we fall asleep.

Kawaii~Chan POV:
Kawaii~Chan is so tired from the job, Kawaii~Chan wants to get home and relax. Kawaii~Chan gets inside the house and go upstairs, I wonder what Aphmau~Senpai is doing, I open the door... OMG MY SHIIIIIIIIIP SHE IS SLEEPING WITH AARON~KUN!! They are naked!! They had sex!! I grab my phone and take a photo. I close the door, I then go to my room and turn on the computer, I got a new picture for my Aarmau shipping shrine! Yay!

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