Travis x Zane part 2

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Travis POV:
Stupid sun... I don't wanna wake up... but I do it... I look down at my little nugget, he is so cute! I gasp quietly when I see his freckles, it makes him more adorable! I get up slowly, put on my boxers and pants, then I go to the kitchen to make breakfast for us. I get the pan, put it on stove, turn on the stove, open the fridge, take out the bacon and eggs, close the fridge and put the food on the pan. I take out 2 plates, 2 forks and 2 glasses, put them on the table, take out the orange juice and pour it in the glasses. The food smells great, I feel 2 arms wrapping me and a warm breath on my back "Good morning ZuZu~" he says sleepy "Morning" I giggle, turn around and give him a kiss for every freckle he has "Travis!" he blushes "What? I can't help it! You have freckles~!" he says nothing and sits on a chair. I turn off the stove and put the food on the plates, I sit near him and eat "Are you ok?" he nods, blushing more "I don't think you are ok." he sighs "How can you love me?" I frown and put my hands on his cheeks "You are nice, cute, handsome and kind. You are the one for me." I kiss him and hug him.

*One month later*
We are back at the lake, Zane decided to replace the bad memory with a good one. The moon is up, his head on my shoulder, holding hands and looking at the lake "Now I understand why you come here... it's so quiet..." he smiles "Yeah... thanks... for opening my heart..." I smile too "I love you Zane" he says "I love you too Travis" we look at each other and kiss. I'm so glad that he is my boyfriend, I would die if he was death "My cupcake~" he blushes "My demon~" he goes at my neck and kisses it "You are eager~?" he nods and bites my neck, I let out a moan "Come here ZuZu~" I grab him and kiss him roughly, he melts into it, I lick his bottom lip, asking for entrance, he accepts, I explore his mouth, leaving everything untouched "T-Travis, let's go h-home" I nod and carry him bridal style to his house. After we get in his room he yawns "Tired?" he nods, I put him down and cover him with a blanket. I'm about to leave, but he grabs my hand "Sleep with me and move here." my eyes widen "Really?" he nods. I lay near him and cuddle him, he fell asleep "Goodnight ZuZu~" I fall asleep too.

*The next day*
I packed my things and unpacked at Zane's house, we share his bedroom "Travis, can you help me with these new dishes?" I say "Of course!" I help him put all the dishes in their place. After that we sit on the couch then watch a movie and eat popcorn. After this we go to the bedroom, Zane bites his lip "Zane are you ok?" he looks at me then pushes me on the bed. He gets on me and kisses me then we strip to our underwear "Travis, I love you and I want to show you that I love you for who you are." he takes off my boxers and licks my tip, I moan "Zane you don't have to do that." he takes all of it in his mouth, I moan louder, after 5 minutes I cum on his face. He lays me down, takes off his boxers then lowers himself, he moans and jumps up and down "Zane~" I pant "Travis~" he kisses me. After a while we cum, he gets up and collapses near me "Zane... you didn't have to do that." he pants and hugs me "I just wanted to show you that i'm sorry for every bad thing which happened." I sigh "I forgave you already." I kiss his head "I love you so much ZuZu!" he smiles "I love you too Travis." he takes my hand and holds it, I hold his hand too. We both fall in a deep sleep while we cuddle.

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