Shad x Aphmau

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Lord Aphmau POV:
I have no feelings... I lost them again... the Shadow Knights won... everyone I love is dead... except Levin, Malachi, Lilith Garnet and Alina... the boys are evil... they still care about me. I refuse to eat, to drink, to sleep... but I always fall asleep. I want to die... I want to be with my friends... and Aaron... I miss him... tears keep falling... I tried many times to suicide... but the knights stop me everytime... I tried to escape too... I failed at that... I look in the mirror... my eyes are empty... why am i Irene? I don't deserve this power... I try again to take out the relic... it works... I have it in my hand... the other relics are somewhere hidden "Aphmau" i don't move "What did you do?" I stay quiet "You will give up on your power?" I make my other hand in fist "Shut up Laurance..." he growls "What did you say?" I say "Everyone I love is dead... except my kids..." he says "I am not dead." I keep quiet "You don't love me anymore?" I walk away "Aphmau!!" I ignore him. I walk to lava, I sit down to watch it "I want to die..." I put my relic down and move my hand closer to the lava "It's hot... I should fall in it..." I get up and do one step closer, I close my eyes and I let my body fall "NO!!" that voice "LORD APHMAU!!" I get caught "Zenix..." he holds me in his arms "Are you crazy? Do you want to die?" I nod "You can't do that! What about your kids?" I stay quiet "Your relic..." he takes it "I'll take you back home." he carries me to Shad's house.

*few minutes later*
Shad POV:
"My Lord, lady Aphmau tried to fall in the lava, Zenix caught her and carried her back to your place. I stole the relic from Zenix." he shows me the relic of Irene "She gave up on her power?" he says "Yes, she is emotionless." I take it "Now I have all the relics, there is one more thing to do." the guard leaves. I put the relic where the others are and make a fragment "You will have new powers Irene... we will be together... forever... like old times..." I chuckle.

Lord Aphmau POV:
Zenix and the boys made me eat steak with potatoes, of course I tried to keep my mouth closed, but it was no use. I have no reasons to be in this world... not anymore... I hear steps, hard steps, he's coming... the door opens. "Irene~ I have a present for you my dear~" i do not care... he shows me a fragment, I look at it with a blank expression "Not even a thank you? You really lost your emotions?" I say nothing. He puts the fragment down "There has to be one emotion left." no it's not "I'll help you find out right now." he makes me stay on my feet, then starts to take off my clothes "Why does he do this??" I feel him kiss my neck "Beautiful as always my sweet~" I feel a blush, but still no feeling "These look tight on you, I can handle that~" he opens my pants and his hand sneak inside my panties "..." he says "Your cheeks are red, but still no feeling?" I hiss "Take your hand..." he smirks "So you like this~" I say "No i don't..." he says "Don't lie~" i look at the floor, my clothes are down, I see his armor too "When did he take off his armor?" when i turn around, my eyes widen, he looks more muscular "Like what you see~?" I run to escape, but he gets me by my arms "Uh uh uh, it's useless to run Irene~" he drops me on bed. He kisses my lips... I still feel nothing, he whispers in my ear "We'll be together again... this time... we will stay together... forever..." I ask "Why? You have the relics, just kill me, I have no reasons to be alive." he says "Don't say that, you have reasons: you're my wife, you are the second leader, your kids love you, especially our child." I don't say anything "I'll make you feel better~" he kisses my body, I start to feel something: it's lust "Ah ha, now you feel something~" I take his head with my hands and kiss him, he puts me on his lap and starts to finger me "Nngh~" it doesn't hurt "I see you are excited my dear~" I look in his eyes... black... with red... "I'll take care of you Irene." he takes out his fingers "Shad" he looks at me "Thank you..." he looks confused at first, then he understands what I mean: he didn't kill the kids. He takes off his clothes, his member touches my entrance, he enters very slow, I moan, I hold his shoulder "You are tight, but not a virgin~" he moves slowly "Faster~" he moves faster and holds my hand, I gasp when I feel a huge pleasure "There~!" he smirks. He hits there harder "He is so deep." I say "I love you... Shad..." I put my head on his shoulder "I mean it..." i kiss him.

Shad POV:
The words... the kiss... it's been a very long time... many years since I heard these words... since we kissed "Irene... I love you too..." I hug her "Ahh~ i'm coming~" I moan "Me too~" she cums on my member, I cum inside her. We pant, her eyes are back to normal, she has feelings again "I feel sleepy..." I say "Go to sleep..." she closes her eyes and falls asleep. The fragment goes inside her "A new queen will wake up." I lay down while holding her and sleep too.

*one year later*
Author POV:
Aphmau's friends are alive, but evil, lord Aphmau is very happy, because she has everything: friends, family, a kingdom, she doesn't wish anything else. Now she runs around wearing her red dress, she and Shad have new kids: twins, a boy and a girl, they can take care of six kids, two of them are young adults "Irene sweet heart, you seem really happy." Aph says "How i can't be? I have everything I wished." she jumps in Shad's arms "I love you my king." Shad smiles "I love you too my queen." they hear their children cheering for them, the couple laugh.

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