Aphmau x Blaze

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Aphmau POV:
I finally moved! I have my own house and no one can tell me what to do! It's an apartment, but I can live with this. I unpacked, Celestia is alright, I don't need to worry about anything. I get a message while I watch a series I like:
K: Hey Aph, I heard it's mating session for werewolves. I think you should be careful. Someone might be on the way to your house.
A: Don't be that silly. I have werewolf friends, but not a boyfriend. I will be fine Katelyn.
K: Just please be careful, ok?
A: I will I will
Mating session? I am not a werewolf, so I'm 100% fine, what werewolf likes me anyway? They are just my friends.

Author POV:
In the night time, everyone is sleeping peacefully, especially Aphmau, since it's her first night in her new home. A sound is heard from the front door, it looks like someone got a spare key to break into her apartment. The guy is slowly entering and locking the door, then he takes off his shoes with socks and walks to the bedroom. His heart's beating as he sees the love of his life, the woman who was the first human alpha female. He decides to get on top of her and lightly kisses her pink lips.

Aphmau POV:
I feel something pressing on my lips, I don't know what, but it's... soft? Wait... am I dreaming? When I open my eyes I see a figure kissing me, but before I could slap the person, I gaze into the eyes "Those eyes... a green and a blue."
can it be? I see clearly and notice the black ears "Blaze?" my voice sounded like a whisper. How did he enter? Did he get a spare key?? I am about to ask, but he says something that makes me blush "I missed you..." his eyes look so sad "Seven many years I suffered... I suffered because I couldn't see you. It was heartbreaking for me... knowing that we were not in the same school. I wanted to confess to you, but I never had the change. Now... I finally found you, my one and only love." I whisper again "What are you doing here...?" he says "It's mating session. I want you so much~" before I can reply, he starts to kiss my neck, even starting to bite me "B-Blaze" i'm too tired to speak loudly, I can only whisper. I'm trapped in his arms while he kisses and bites me. I'm wearing pajamas, so I have no bra on, only panties and now he takes off his shirt. It shows he has been at gym for a while "Blaze..." his hand goes on my back, under shirt, then he takes it off in a second "You're so beautiful..." he takes one nipple in his mouth, gently sucking it, I can do nothing but moan. He sucks the other nipple gently "Why would someone say little breasts are ugly? Yours are perfect..." he takes off his jeans, his tail moves freely "I won't hurt you, I wouldn't dare to." even his voice is in whisper. He licks from my chest to my belly button and licks it, I gasp "Ticklish? Cute. I will tickle you a bit before the real fun starts~" he puts his finger in and plays with my navel.

Author POV:
Blaze enjoys tickling Aphmau, he likes to see her smile and laugh. His fingers dance on her belly, she lightly moans instead of laughing, he does not mind at all "Now the armpits~" Aph is very sensible there, but she lets Blaze to do the job "Blaze...~" Aph wraps her arms around his neck to kiss him. They kiss and make out for three minutes. Blaze goes back at job, his claws tickle Aph like crazy while his tail tickle her feet, she moans due to the pleasure she is getting. Blaze takes off her pants and tickles her legs... the spot where girls are sensible "Time for the real fun~"

Aphmau POV:
Blaze takes off my purple panties and looks at me up and down "Beautiful... beautiful flower. If someone says you are ugly... they are wrong... " I say "I'm not that beautiful..." he says "For me... you are" he stuffs his face in between my breasts and licks the place while playing with my nipples... it turns me on. Without noticing, I feel something wet inside "B-Blaze~" his tongue goes deeper "Nngh~" whatever i'll say, he won't stop "Your tongue is so deep~  mmm~" my eyes go at the back of my head "How is he that good? I think i'm going to explode." he touches my spot, I moan loud and cum after "I'm sorry Blaze..." he licks his lips "Why are you sorry? You are sweeter than the sugar itself." he takes out something from a pocket of his jeans "Lube...?" he takes off his boxers, I look away as I saw the size of his member "Don't be scared. I got the lube so you won't do the job. I don't like to force someone." I hear it opening. I take the tube from him, he looks at me confused "Let me do this for you." I lay him on bed and look at his member. I smile a bit and kiss the tip, I can hear him moan. I kiss all of the size before I lick it "Nngh~" I lick it all instead of deep throating it "That's better... keep going~" after i'm sure it's wet enough, I get on top, Blaze holds my waist to help. It hurts when it goes deeper, considering it's huge and this is my first time "Have you ever had a mate Blaze?" he shakes his head "This is my first time. I assume it's yours too Aph." the pain goes away, instead it's a wave of pleasure. I move slowly, I can feel waves go through my body. Blaze is smiling at me, showing that nothing is wrong, I hug him as his member go even deeper and faster, even hitting my spot. Eventually, we cum "That... that was fun" he smirks "The fun did not end yet~" he gets on top and does it again, this time I hug him very tight.

*The next morning*
I yawn "That was a nice sleep." I look by my side to see Blaze sleeping next to me "Wait, how did he- oh..." I blush as I remember what we did last night. We did a bath after and I dressed back in pajamas, then I have him a T-shirt and shorts "He confessed that he loves me and somehow, I accepted him." he made sure I wouldn't get pregnant, it's too soon for pups. I get up, but 2 arms hug my waist "I guess he doesn't want me to leave. Maybe it won't hurt if I do sleep a bit more." I cuddle with Blaze.

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