Levin x Malachi part 2

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Malachi POV:
Two weeks ago it was Levin's birthday and it was crazy, the biggest of all, the lord of Phoenix Drop deserved it, now i'm on my way to my new house while holding a bag. After the party, me and Levin went to the dock alone to watch the stars, he asked me a big favor and I accepted, I really love Levin and his happiness is important for me "Levin, i'm back~" we live together, mother is away as usual. I go upstairs to our big bedroom, he is tied on the bed how I left him only for 2 minutes: his hands are behind his back, his clothes are on the floor, gag on his mouth, his pretty blue eyes are covered "Are you ready my sweet Levin~?" he nods "Mhm~" he is trying to smile "I'll be gentle~" I take off his gag and bite his neck, he wants to move "You want a hug~?" he nods. I untie him, he wraps his arms around my neck "I love you my sweet Levin~" he kisses my cheek "I love you too~" I rub the tent of his boxers, he moans, I take off my clothes, then take off his boxers "Get ready~" I thrusts in "Ahhh~!" I already get crazy from his moans "Oh Malachi~!! Deeper~!!" I do as he says, his tongue is out "Enjoying yourself~?" he moans "Mhm~" I hit his prostate "HAH~!" I know that he likes when I hit his spot. I start to pump his member, timing it with my thrusts "I-I am close~!" I moan and cum, he cums on our chests "I wanna try something new~" I pull out, then put him on his hands and knees "Let's see~" I stick a finger inside "Nngh~" I put the second and rub his walls "It feels good~" my smirk grows and take my fingers, then I put my tongue inside "Malachi~" he tastes great, I would eat him now, but I wouldn't live without him "Do you want a taste of me Levin~?" I uncover his eyes "I thought you'll never ask~" he licks my member like a lollipop, he is really good. He gets on his knees, I thrust in again "Your walls are closing around me~" he moans "Fill me with your warm seeds Mal~" I grin and go faster "I like that nickname~" I rub his butt cheeks "Mmm~ I love this feeling~" I lick my lips "It feels good doesn't it~?" he moans more "Yeah~" I kiss him "I'll fill you again~" I rub his member again "Ahhhh~!!" we cum at the same time. I pull out "That was fun~" I cover us with a blanket "I owe you one." I say "You don't owe me, this was great, everything I do with you is great." he smiles "I love you Malachi~" I smile "I love you too Levin~" we hold each other to cuddle tight, I give him one last kiss, then we fall asleep.

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