Garroth x Laurance

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Garroth POV:
I dial Cadenza's number then put my phone on my ear. I wait a few seconds "Hello?" I say "Hey Cadenza!" she says "Whats up Garroth?" I sigh "Have you visited Laurance recently?" she says "Last week, why?" I say "Yesterday he seemed sad, I tried to cheer him up, but nothing worked." she giggles "Well, he has a crush on you and he thinks you don't feel the same." I blush "He is gay?" she says "Yep" I say "I'm gay too and... I like him too..." an idea comes up in my mind "And I think I got a plan." I tell her my plan.

*time skip*
We got a big box with little holes, Cadenza decorated it, now it looks like a big present. I get inside and get comfy "Ready Garroth?" I nod, she closes the box then knocks on the door "Good luck!" I hear her running.

Laurance POV:
Who is at the door? I turn off the TV and go at the door, I open it and find... a big present! Wow! It says it's for me, but it doesn't say from who. I drag the present inside then close the door. I open it and look inside it. I blush... inside the present is a... meif'wa Garroth... he lifts himself up "Meow~" I blush more "Garroth? What is this?" he says "Cadenza told me you're gay." Cadenza... i'll kill her... "I'm gay too." I look at him shocked "And... I like you Laurance..." he gets out of the box "You do?" he nods. I can't believe this, Garroth, my crush, confessed to me... I grab him and kiss him, he kisses back "You made me so happy!" I kiss him again, I wrap my arms around his waist, he wraps his arms around my neck "Wanna have our time in my bedroom~? he blushes and nods, then he wraps his legs around my waist. I kiss him while I walk in my bedroom, I close the door and put him on my bed, I attack his neck with love bites, leaving hickeys and marks, he shows me his sweet spot, so I abuse it "Nya~" he is so cute! I take off his shirt and kiss his chest and belly "That tickles!" I smirk "It does~?" I lick his belly, he giggles. I open his pants, then take them off, I see a big tent "Someone is excited~" he blushes, I take off my shirt and palm his member through his boxers "Nngh~ Nya~" I grin "You are going to obey me, my kitty~" he blushes more "Yes master~" I pet him "Good kitty~" I scratch him behind his ears, he purrs "Get on your hands and knees." he does as I say, I take off his boxers, then I pet his tail. I look at his entrance, I put my tongue in it "Nya~" I force my tongue deeper in him, enjoying the fleshy taste of him. After 2 minutes I stop "Master" I look at him "Yes?" he says "If I scream, then i'm sorry." I sigh "I know what you want to say, but don't worry, i'll be gentle." I take off my pants and boxers, then I slowly enter him, he puts his hand on his mouth and screams "Shhh, just tell me when to move." I remove his tears with my thumb. After 5 minutes he nods, I move in and out slowly "Nya~ Ahhh~" his tail wraps around my waist, I move faster, his moans are so sweet and cute "AH~!" I found his prostate, I hit it harder, then I pump his member, matching it perfectly with my thrusts. After a while I cum inside him, he cums on my hand "Good job kitty~" he smiles "Thank you master~" I pull out and pet him again, he yawns "Tired?" he nods. We lay down and I cover us with the blanket, I kiss his forehead "I love you Laurance" I smile "I love you too Garroth." he smiles too. We go to sleep while we are cuddling each other.

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