Zane x Travis MCD part 2

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(Tracy is the one with white hair, sky blue eyes and lightly tanned skin and Zanna is the one with black hair, bright green eyes and pale white skin, they are six years old, same with their cousins, Laura and Gabriela.)
Travis POV:
"Tracy! Get back here!" the girls fight with pillows... again "Nope! You have to catch me Zanna!" I say "Girls, can you be quiet please?" they look at me and throws the pillows at me "Alright, that's it!" I growl, they run laughing, i catch them "Got you!" they giggle. Someone knocks at my door, i put them on the couch and go to the door. I open it "Hello Travis~" I roll my eyes "What do you want Lucinda?" she smirks "Is Zane home?" I raise an eyebrow "Why?" she says "I need him for some experiments." I frown "No way, you won't take my love away, so bye!" I close the door and lock it. I go upstairs to the bedroom, Zane is meditating on the bed, he needed a break from all this stress with the kids. I go behind him and kiss his neck "Travis~ what are you doing?" I smirk "Don't you want some love~?" he blushes, I bite his earlobe "Eeek!" i chuckle "You make adorable sounds~" i kiss his lips "I'm sorry for causing you the dreams..." he smiles "It's fine Travis... I love you!" i smile too "I love you too ZuZu and no one will take you away from me~" I attack his neck with love bites "Travis!" he giggles and plays with my hair. Irene I love him so much! I strip us to our boxers while I kiss his chest and belly "Can we do it under the blanket? I want to feel your warm body~" I grin "Anything for you my love~" we take our boxers off and go under the blanket, he puts his hands on my back and I enter him slowly. He gasps and blushes "Nngh~ Travis~" his moans turn me on so much. I move slowly and gently "Faster~" i move faster. I find his sweet spot and hit it hard "There~! It feels so good~!" I growl playfully "You don't know how much I love you~!" I move at an inhuman speed. We become moaning messes, after a while we cum, a smirk grows on his face, he pins me, then he gets on top, I grin "Round two~?" he nods.

Zane POV:
My skin turns black and my eyes turn white, Travis turns in his demon form "Ride me~" I lower myself on his member, I scream of pleasure. I ride him and kiss him "My demon~" he smiles "My ZuZu~" we have a make out session while I go up and down on his member "Ahhh~" I can't control myself, i'm overwhelmed by the sweet pleasure, same with Travis. I wrap my arms around his neck, he puts his hands on my hips. After a few hours hours we cum for the last time, I get up and collapse near him, then we turn back "That... was... amazing!" I nod "I think my ass will be very sore tomorrow..." he says "I don't think it will be." we cuddle and we fall asleep.

*the next day*
"Mommy, how you met daddy?" I look at Zanna "Well... i was visiting my big brother Garroth, when I went for a walk with my friend Aphmau I saw him, she told me about him. He needed help finding a place, so I helped him, then we talked for a while. Our best moments were our wedding and the day you girls came to this world." Tracy jumps on the couch "That was so beautiful mommy! Did uncle Garroth let you date him?" I say "At first no, but Travis proved that he loves me." both say "Awww!!" I see Travis, he gives me his sweet smile and kisses me "Ewww!!" he looks at them with his playful death glare and scares them. The girls run laughing "You really had to do that?" he says "Maybe?" I roll my eyes and continue to read my book "Zaaaaaaane~" I say "I want to read!" he pouts "Awww" I sigh "You can hug me while I read." he smiles "Yay!" he hugs me, i let out a chuckle. Looks like we are reading together and the girls join too. I love my family, i'm happy as Travis's love and as the 'mother' of two sweet girls.

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