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Changed[Aaron x Ein] by Anime_Wolf12
Changed[Aaron x Ein]by //Wolf-Pup\\
Ein was trying to start over at Falcon Claw University. He thought he wouldn't find anyone from his old school there but he was sorely mistaken. His roommate was no othe...
More then friends (Zanvis yaoi) by Travis_Valkrum_69
More then friends (Zanvis yaoi)by Depressed_Travis_
This story has inappropriate content, if your young and read this don't tell your parents its not my job to tell you what your not aloud reading XD
Movies «Zanvis FanFiction» []COMPLETED[] by CarWritesFanfic
Movies «Zanvis FanFiction» [] carlton
One night at the movies. One overprotective brother's request Two completely opposite people. After everybody comes back to the neighborhood from the movies, Garroth has...
The Ro'meaves Casanovas {A Gaurence, Zanvis & Vlante FanFic} by H3llodarkness
The Ro'meaves Casanovas {A H3llo
Laurence, Dante and Travis were HUGE casanovas. They flirted with practically every girl they saw. Even though had Garroth, Zane and Vylad fallen for one of them? {I don...
Zanvis Oneshots by ContainKai9
Zanvis Oneshotsby Contain Kai
(yes i made the cover KEKEKE) my dear mutuals, or friends, if you see this, no you don't. the title basically describes what this book is so- yeah there will be cliffhan...
Little Zane by Ani-meow1200
Little Zaneby Inactive
Zane has bad anxiety and depression. He stresses over the tiniest of things and it drives him crazy. He finds comfort in things made for children. Every night before he...
Zanvis - Doctor Travis by kUWIThehelp
Zanvis - Doctor Travisby Kuwi Aj
i dont know how to write a description. pic by almapie.
Summer Heat ( Warning Zane x Travis yaoi smut! ) by Boys-Fuck-Boys
Summer Heat ( Warning Zane x Horny On Main™️
After Travis expresses his feelings for Zane at the beach a long chain of events unfold. Full of sex, swearing and most of all gay, this may just be THE best Zanvis fic...
Why'd it have to be you? -Zanvis by SleepingWithYourMans
Why'd it have to be you? -Zanvisby Tyla
Travis has trouble with his image, socially and physically. He always wants to be "perfect" and for him to be gay and like Zane? He feels like its ruining ever...
Remembrance ¦A Zanvis Story¦ by Runfarfaraway
Remembrance ¦A Zanvis Story¦by Teri the Trashcan
Travis Valkrum is a ordinary casonova with many precious friends. With those precious friends come precious memories. His father, Terence, wants him to always be happy...
 Stickers- Zanvis  by walking_funeral
Stickers- Zanvis by Fucking Trash
Travis and Zane were best friends in high school until Junior year when Travis abandoned him for Dante, years later they reconnect with each other and start hanging out...
Aphmau fluff oneshots by ninjacats100
Aphmau fluff oneshotsby Ninja-Cats
One-shots on aphmau's minecraft roleplays. Small love stories between characters that may or may not always include aphmau herself. Gay ships, straight ships, sibling lo...
Aphmau OneShots!  by kluhi_
Aphmau OneShots! by .・゜゜・
I hate this book I really do thinking about deleting it.
Who am I? (A Zanvis Fanfiction)  by kluhi_
Who am I? (A Zanvis Fanfiction) by .・゜゜・
An attack on Zane lead him to the hospital. He doesn't remember anything but will a certain someone help him regain his memories? I update whenever so yeet
A Hard Knock Life  by EuphoriaisEmotional
A Hard Knock Life by ✨EuphoriaIsAngst🦠
"Smile." "Don't show emotion." "Don't touch my brothers." We are the Ro'meaves and this is our story.....
Our fuckin oneshot book by kacey_not_found
Our fuckin oneshot bookby v gay
a one shot book for the aphmau fandom with Foxy&Kacey request something
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis and Vylante. by WillowChanFics
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis Willow~Chan
The casanovas have each taken an interest in a certain male on MyStreet. All from the same family. Each of the casanovas likes one of the Ro'Meave brothers and needs to...
I Didn't Think It'd Be You <Zanvis FanFic> by DatEmoNugget
I Didn't Think It'd Be You by Myles of Asgard
Zane x Travis • UwU • Travis started flirting with Zane?!- is he drunk?-Zane always had feelings for travis since HS but- he never thought Travis felt the same... [depre...
Zanvis: Alone Together *Completed.*  by StarWolfi678
Zanvis: Alone Together * waffle
Everyone goes on a vacation to a forest, where they will be staying in a cabin for the rest of fall.
Zanvis. High School Days by Never_find_mee
Zanvis. High School Daysby Meep moop
It all starts with a boy named Zane. One would describe him as, small, a loner, and even emo. Deep down he'd always had trouble communicating with others of his intere...