Garroth x Vylad part 2

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Garroth POV:
"Darn it! How do you always catch the ball?" he laughs "Because i'm good!" I roll my eyes smiling. I keep hitting the ball, but he still catches it. When he hits the ball, I always fail to catch it. "Yay! I'm the winner!" I sigh "Good job baby brother!" he jumps happily "Can we go to get ice cream?" I say "Sure, why not?" I take the ball and out it in the bag. Suddenly, Laurance comes to me running "Garroth! A new game appeared! You have to come with me! We have to try it!" I say "But I hang out with Vylad!" he says "There is no time! Come on!" he grabs my hand and drags me to the video game shop while running, I look behind me to see Vylad looking at me with a sad face. I'm really sorry baby brother...

*time skip*
"That video game was awesome! Good think that I bought it!" I nod "Wanna play it tomorrow?" he says "Of course, now I go home, bye Garroth." he walks away waving, I wave back "See ya!" I walk on my way home. I still feel bad that I left Vylad, I should do something to cheer him up. I unlock the door, get inside, then close it. Wait... I got an idea... I can't believe i'm going to do this... but I have no choice... I must do this... I love him...

Vylad POV:
I can't believe Laurance ruined my day with Garroth! Finally, I had some time with my big brother, but he had to come and take him away! Now i'm on my bed, doing nothing! I texted Zane to check if he is free to hang out, but he is with Aphmau! I should calm down... I meditate for a few minutes. The phone vibrates, i pick up my phone and see a text from Garroth.
G: Come to my house, I have a chocolate cake, just for you!
A big smile appears on my face, he knows I love chocolate cake. I get out of my apartment and go to his house.

*few minutes later*
I go in front of his door and knock, but no one answers, I open the door... weird... it's unlocked... I look around for Garroth... he isn't downstairs... I go upstairs and go to his bedroom. I open the door... Garroth is sitting on his bed shirtless, he turns his head to look at me. He smiles, gets up and comes closer "Garroth?" he closes the door "Where is the chocolate cake?" he smirks and wraps his arms around my waist "I'm your chocolate cake~" he puts his soft lips on mine. My eyes widen, but I melt in the kiss and wrap my arms around his neck. He licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance, I open my mouth, his tongue explores my mouth, leaving everything untouched. I moan in the kiss, I put my legs around his waist, he breaks the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva. His lips moves to my neck, he kisses it and bites it, leaving marks. He pins me on the bed, takes off my shirt, then my T-shirt and leaves a trail of kisses on my chest and belly "Well, looks like someone is excited~" he opens my pants and unzips them, takes them off and palms my member through my boxers "Nngh~" he says "I felt bad for leaving you, so i'm going to cheer you up." he takes off my boxers and licks my tip. I moan, he takes all of it in his mouth "Ahh~" his mouth is so warm, his tongue plays with my tip, it makes me shiver "Faster~" he does as I say. After a while I cum, he swallows it. He takes off his pants and boxers, he sits on the edge of the bed, he puts me on his lap, lowering me on his member "AHHH~! Garroth~!" he moves me up and down on a medium speed. My face turns red "Your ass is so tight and warm Vylad, I love it~" I moan. I gasp when he hits my prostate, he hits there again and again "Mmm~ ahhh~ Garroth~" he smirks and whispers in my ear "Your moans are so sweet and cute~" I blush more, I kiss his neck while he rubs my member. After a time we moan each others name, then we cum at the same time. He picks me up and lays me on the bed, he lays too and cover us with the blanket, we fall asleep.

*the next day*
I wake up, but Garroth is not here. The door opens, Garroth is dressed, he comes in with a plate "There you go baby brother." I smile, it's chocolate cake, I eat it "I know I said that i'm your chocolate cake, but I made you one this morning." I say "Thank you big brother. By the way... does Zane know?" he nods "I had to tell him, but he was ok with it." I sigh in relief. I finish the cake, Garroth takes the plate and goes downstairs to wash it. I put on my clothes and go to the living room, we sit on the couch and watch TV, I put my head on his shoulder, he kisses my forehead and hugs me, I hug back. I love my big brother.

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