Dante x Garroth

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Garroth POV:
How could he? How could he left me? He promised me to not become one of them, to not become evil! He left with her, she took him from me! I still can't forget what he told me before he left...

"Laurance please!! Don't let her do this to you!! Don't let her control you!! She is lying to you!!" Sasha laughs "It's too late Garroth! Laurance is mine!" tears fall from my eyes "LAURANCE PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!" he looks at me "I'm so sorry Garroth..."  he turns in his SK form before he jumps in the portal with Sasha "LAURANCE!!" the portal closes.

*back to present*
I cry again... I don't hear my bedroom door opening "Garroth! Are you ok?" I look at Dante "Garroth..." he hugs me, I hug him, crying even harder "Shhh... it's ok... i'm here..." he pets my hair "It is not your fault Garroth, it's Sasha's, Laurance didn't want to leave you..." I sob "Then why he did it...?" he says "If he didn't, Sasha could have killed you, he didn't want you to die." I ask "Will he ever come back?" he says "I'm sure he will." he holds me closer, I can hear how his heart beats... a smile appears on my face "I like how his heart beats." I put my face in the crook of his neck.

Dante POV:
My cheeks turn red, I have a crush on him since we were in college... I know he likes Laurance, I told him how I felt about him and told him that i will stay as his friend "Dante" I look at him "Do you still love me...?" I say "Well... after Laurance left, I thought it could be my chance to be with you... but I sounded selfish..." he says "I want to... give you a chance." I ask "Are you sure Gar? It's been months since Laurance left, you really want to move on?" he says "Did he tell you something before he left?" I say "He wants you to be happy, even if you're dating someone." he looks in my eyes, I do the same, I always like to look in his cerulean eyes, I lean closer, he leans too until... our lips meet with each other, the kiss turns into a make out session, getting longer and longer.

*time skip*
"Nngh~ Dante~" we both are sweating, our clothes are on the floor, his arms are wrapped around my neck "Hah~ Garroth~ you're so tight~" he's sitting on my lap, I am sitting on the bed, my hands are on his hips "Dante~! Please deeper~!!" I thrusts all the way inside of him "Ahh~!" I thrusts faster "It feels so good~!!" I chuckle "I love you Gar~" he moans "I love you too Dante~" I let out a moan before I cum, i pump his member until he cums. I pull out and lay with him, then I cover us with the blanket "Thank you Dante" I kiss him "No problem Gar, I love you too much to leave you even for a day." he giggles "I love you too, I can't leave you too." I let out a chuckle before we fall asleep.

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