Garroth x Laurance part 2

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Author POV:
Garroth and Laurance had a fight, bc Laurance kept losing at video games, he was about to turn into his Shadow Knight form, Garroth didn't want him angry, so he told Laurance that he can do anything with him for how long he wants, Laurance smiled and accepted. Right now, they're on Laurance's bed, him behind Garroth, his arms around him, he remembers the last time, the surprise for him: Garroth being a blue meif'wa, then he confessed to him. He was so happy and since then, they are dating. Now... Garroth is shirtless, his eyes have a tint of red, bc he is under Laurance's control... he knows what is going on... but he is enjoying this too...

Laurance POV:
I kiss Garroth's cheek "Garroth, you're the most adorable person I know~" he blushes "Now strip to your boxers." he does as I say while I strip too. I kiss his sexy body and leave marks, he is quiet until I tell him to be loud. I take off my boxers "Suck" he licks it and sucks it, I say "You are doing so well~" he takes only half, he holds the other half with his hand "He is doing a very good job." I moan before I cum, he swallows my seeds "Good boy~" he licks the rest of my cum "Wow Garroth, you must be hungry~" he says "I like how you taste master." I pet his head "Take off your boxers and sit on my lap." he takes off his boxers and sits on my lap. I make him look in my red eyes "You love me right~?" he says "Of course I do." I ask "Do you trust me~?" he nods "Then get ready Garroth~" I put my member at his entrance and thrust in, he lets out a loud moan "Still tight~" I thrust fast "Be loud GarGar, I want to hear your sweet moans~" he starts moaning "So cute~" he wraps his arms around my neck "I love you~" I go deeper "Nngh~ I love you too~" I let out a chuckle and hit his prostate "AHH~! Master~!" I hit there harder, his moans are music for my ears. I grin, my fangs are showing "Doesn't this feel good GarGar~?" he says "It does~!" I pump his member, I am close to cum again "I am about to cum~!" I pump faster. He cums on my hand, I cum inside his warm entrance "Are you tired Garroth?" he shakes his head "Lay down" he lays on his back, I hold his member, then I start licking it "Nngh~ M-Master~" I hold it with my hand while I suck "Master I'm close~!" I suck harder "Ahhh~" he releases his warm seeds in my mouth, I swallow and lick my lips "Ready for round two GarGar~?" he slowly nods "I promise to be a good boy master." I smile "You are already a good boy my sweet little GarGar~" I get on top of him, then I go inside him again "I love Garroth sooo much." I kiss his forehead, he blushes.

*the next morning*
Garroth POV:
My butt hurts, but not as much as last time, I enjoyed it, even if I was under control, I love Laurance, maybe 1 day we will marry "Morning" I look at him "Morning Laurance" he asks "Are you ok? You seem upset about something." I say "I'm fine, no need to worry about me." he says "Please tell me, I want to help you." I sigh "Laurance, are you... immortal??" he looks at me confused "I know how Shadow Knights become immortals, did you kill someone?" he stays silent for a moment "Yes... my ex girlfriend. She cheated on me after all I did for her, I loved her." I hug him "I would never do that." he hugs back "I know you wouldn't. Remember when I marked you with a bite??" I nod "I... wanted you to become immortal too." I ask "But what about the others??" he says "They are kinds of monsters." he kisses me, I kiss back "Can we sleep a little longer?" he says "Yes" we cuddle "Sleep well GarGar~" I smile "You too Laurance" he closes his eyes, I do too.

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