Zane x Daniel part 2

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Author POV:
The two had a crazy night and I don't think anyone slept. They didn't sleep for even a second and fell tired until dawn. What can I say...? Werewolves are active in night time. They usually are awake in day time for school and stuff, but who cares about school? No one. What matters now is that they're loving each other. Now let's see what our couple is doing after that night...

Zane POV:
Gosh, that night was extreme. Daniel is not the type to be extreme, but love can make people insane, that is what everyone is saying. I try to get up, but no use, I fall back on the bed as Daniel hugs me in his sleep "He is strong, no joke." I feel him sniffing my hair "Um, are you awake?" he smiles "Yeah... can you stay here...?" I ask "No food...?" he shakes his head "Dan, it's like 2 in the afteenoon. We slept all morning." he says "Just stay a bit more... please?" I sigh "Fine, 10 more minutes." I cuddle him back. After like 20 minutes, I get up to make lunch. Since it is our first meal of the day, I can make pancakes. I take out all of the ingredients and a pan. I turn on the cooker stove to get ready. I decide to make 6 pancakes for each of us, meaning 12 pancakes. Me and Daniel can't have Nutella, so we chose jam "Do I smell pancakes?" I say "Yes, I am making pancakes." he hugs me from behind "Do you need help?" I say "Just take out the plates and forks, then the jam." he does as I say. When the pancakes are done, I serve them, pouring syrup and put jam on the side "It looks delicious and it smells great." unlike others werewolves, Daniel eats at a normal speed, he doesn't want to choke and wants to enjoy the food "It is really good. Did you use a secret in them?" I say "A secret ingredient? No. I make them normal." he smiles "Can you teach me?" I say "Sure, no worries if you don't know." I return the smile. Suddenly, the front door breaks into pieces "PANCAKES" I groan "Aphmau! You started to be like Garroth." Daniel looks at her confused "I smelled them! I want some!" I say "I made for Danny and myself." he blushes as I used the nickname "Can't you make more??" I sigh "Fine, since you're my best friend after all." I have batter left, so I make 6 more pancakes for Aphmau "Jam is fine for me." I say "Good, because me and Daniel don't eat Nutella." I serve her the pancakes and she eats them as a crazy woman who hasn't eat for two weeks "Where is Aaron?" she says "At work, so I have nothing to do." I say "I thought you'll hang out with KC." she says "She is with Katelyn at shopping." I look at Daniel "Let her stay." I nod "I heard noises last night. Did something happen?" we blush "Nothing, nothing happened." she looks suspicious at us "Okay" we sigh in relief and continue eating "I hope she never finds out... or she'll make a shipping shrine like KC."

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