My precious blueberry part 2

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Gene POV:
I wake up slowly, yawning as I stretch my arms "Another black day of work... great..." my frown disappears and my smile appears as I look at Dante. He is so cute when he sleeps, just like when he was a little kid... I miss those times, I miss the times when I trained him to be a guard, when we played, when we went to picnic and had a great time... I wish we could be kids one more time, but we can't go back in time... now we are adults, responsabilities on the way and jobs to do. We get our own family, well... I don't have one and Dante does not seem to have one either anymore. His wife cheated on him, how do I know? I saw Kawaii~Chan kissing a guard, it wasn't Dante, even Nicole saw it, both had a huge fight. Nicole told Dante, he didn't believe her, until KC told him, I felt bad for Dante. Nicole took the kids and KC and Dante divorced, when he ran away, I took him with me. He was scared at first, but I made sure to take care of him and that's what i'm doing, I won't let anyone take him away from me, he's mine "Mm... Gene?" I look at him "Are you ok blueberry?" he starts coughing "Dante?" he tries to breath "Dante!" he is sweating, the heat is killing him "Oh no!" I yell "Guards!! I need help now!"

*One hour later*
"General!" I look at him "Is he ok?" he looks down "The heat killed him, he is dead." my eyes widen "He is dead?" he says "You know the way to save him." I go to the room "Dante..." he is laying down without breathing, my eyes get wet "Resist please" I put my hands on his chest, a light appears for a second, then it disappears. I hold his hand... 2 tears fall from my eyes "Dante... don't leave me... please..." I haven't cried for a long time "I love you Dante." I hear a voice "Gene...?" I look at him "Dante? Are you ok?" he asks "What happened to me? I feel different..." I say "I saved you from death. The heat killed you." I hold his hand tighter. He slowly opens his eyes, instead of seeing blue eyes, I see a pair of red eyes "Dante..." he asks
"Am I a shadow knight?" I slowly nod. I bite my lip "Are you angry?" he says "As long as I can be with you..." I smile "Aw blueberry" I hug him tight "I will carry you." I pick Dante and go home.

*the next day*
Dante POV:
I am hiding in a tree, spying on KC, my red eyes watching her, I change in my clothes and jump "Kawaii~Chan?" she turns around "Dante~Kun!!" she hugs me "I'm so so so sorry!" I say "I know" I continue "Would you like a walk?" I offer her hand, she accepts it. We run together to the hill we always go "Can we see the view?" I say "Of course we can!" the view shows the village "Isn't it pretty?" I say "It is" behind me I'm holding a black dagger "Dante~Kun, will you ever forgive me?" I say "Yes, I forgive you" I hug her "I love you Dante~Kun..." I say "There is one thing you can do for me. Only one thing." she says "Anything!" I whisper in her ear "Die..." right after I say that, I stab her in the chest and let her collapse "You thought I would just forgive you after what you did?" I feel my eyes turn red "Your death will get me what I want..." she holds her chest "W-Why...?" my clothes turn back into my armor, her eyes go wide "Goodbye KC, it was nice knowing you." she falls dead. I throw her body off the hill and I hear claps "Good job Dante, you are now a full Shadow Knight. I am proud of you." I bow smiling "Let's go now" a portal opens in the Nether, we go in it.

Aphmau POV:
"APHMAU! COME HERE!" I run where I heard the yell "Katelyn, what hap-" I scream at the sight "KAWAII~CHAN!!" she got killed "She is dead!" tears fall from my eyes "Who would do this?" I continue "First Dante disappears, now Kawaii~Chan is dead!" Katelyn says "I don't know either. Let's bury her body first." I nod, then I help her bury her...

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