Ein x Kacey part 2

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Kacey POV:
I study for the biology test, it will be a hard one, the teacher is crazy, he likes to make us cry when we fail, principal Layla will fire him soon "Kacey! There is someone here to see you!" I yell "I'm upstairs!" I hear footsteps coming and my door opening, there is an guy who I don't know "Who are you??" the guy drinks milk and with a light, he turns in a different person "Ein?? What are you doing here? Katelyn will kill you!" he says "I wanted to see you so badly." he hugs me "As much as I would love to stay with you..." I break the hug "I need to study for the biology test." I sit on my bed and keep reading, he takes the book and throws it "I can help you study~" I blush and try to get away "I do not need help, go home..." I sound nervous "Come on~" he is on top, his face is close to mine "I guess you can help me. The test will be difficult." he licks my face "It will take us all night."

*one hour later*
"It's useless! I won't pass!" he hugs me "Don't be sad, I know another way." I blush when he kisses me "What are-" he cuts me off "Just relax blueberry~" he takes off my shirt, then my pants, I blush hard as he kisses my pale body.

*time skip*
"Ein~" I am sweating while he is going in and out at a fast speed "Give me all you have~" he puts all of his member inside "Kacey~ you're so warm~ I like it~" he hits my prostate "So good~!" I pant hard "I don't want this to stop~" he moans "Me neither~" he cums, his seeds are warm "Want again~?" I nod, he thrusts again, I moan even more "I will never leave you blueberry~" I say "I love you Ein~" he smirks "I love you too~" he cums again "Let's sleep now."

*the next day*
I can't believe it! I passed the test with an A+! I don't know how, but I am so happy that I passed, dad and Katelyn will be so happy! I go to my locker and grab my backpack to go home "Kacey! Wait up!" I look behind "Did you pass? Let me see the test!" I give him the test "Congrats!" I say "I should thank you, I would have failed if you didn't help." I hug him, he kisses my cheek "I helped you in a way." he winks "Don't" he has a huge smirk "Let's go get something!" I grab his hand and drag him to a fast food "We will go to KFC!" he days "You know me so well." I say "This is how I say 'thank you' Ein." he smiles "I love you even more~" I roll my eyes "Shut up!" he chuckles. We go inside and sit at a table "What you want to order?" I say "The wings sound good." he says "I agree" he goes order and pay the food.

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