Aphmau x Daniel

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(After I saw a post of Daniel on IG by 'thatbeargurl' I got the idea of a new lemon; Daniel looked hot and strong)
Aphmau POV:
"Hey Aph! Could you put these towels in the boys' showers when they're out please?" I blush "Dottie are you crazy? I can't go in there! What if someone is washing there?" she says "I promised Rylan that I'll put these for him. I can't do it because I have to help my friend at the kitchen!" I groan "Fine! But if I will get caught, it will be YOUR fault!" she hugs me "Thanks! I owe you one!" I grab the towels and go to the gym. I look around to see if there is anybody, then I sneak into the boys' showers, I find Rylan's place for towels, then put them down "That was easy." I go back to the door before I get caught "What are you doing in the boys' showers?" I turn around slowly, Daniel is behind me, he came out of the shower "Hiiiii Daniel..." he raises an eyebrow "Will I get an answer?" I look up and down "Since when he is so strong and hot??" he waves his hand in front of my face "Earth to Aphmau!" I shake my head "Dottie had to bring towels for Rylan, but she got busy and asked me to do it and... yeah, that's it." he smiles "Well, if your here, you can help me with a thing." I say "Ok! What do you need?" he asks "Are the human lips tasty?" I say "Um I don't know how to answer at that." without noticing, he leans closer "Daniel what are you doing??" he says "I want to kiss you~" I blush "I will go now." he grabs me "Come on~" I try to run away, his grip is strong. He licks my cheek and whispers an 'I love you' in my ear, I run away with a beet red face to the cafeteria "Dottie I will kill you!!!" I go in the kitchen, then I jump on her back "Aph! Get off!" I try to put her down "Hey hey hey! What's going on??" Rylan takes me off Dottie "Aphmau jumped on me!" I say "I got caught in the boys' showers!" Rylan asks "What were you doing there?" I say "Dottie couldn't bring your towels there, so she asked me to do it." Rylan sighs "Dottie you had to tell me." she says "I tried, but you ran off." he says "Sorry. Aph, how did you get caught?" I say "Daniel came out of a shower, he was wet." both are smirking "Was he hot?" I blush "No!" both laugh "Since when he is strong and got piercings?" both say "Since spring" I say "Now it's summer, the school is almost over, i'm going to clean my locker." I go to my locker with a box. I put my in the box and carry the box to the classroom.

*After school*
I avoided Daniel for the rest of the day. Everytime I saw him, I ran off, when he tried to talk to me, I ran off, I can't forget what he told me. I do not love him that way, he is like a little brother to me, I know he is now the Alpha, but I just can't "Mija, dinner!" I go eat the tacos she made "I will go to Zianna's house to pick her up. We will be out tonight. Don't do anything that will get you in trouble." I sigh "I know mom, I know." she kisses my head "I'll have my time!! Yay!!" I smile brightly.

Author POV:
After a few hours of anime, Aph falls into a slumber. She has dreams of her favorite anime characters. Little does she know, a guy opens her window to get in. He closes it and approaches his crush. By the looks of his ears and tail, he is a werewolf. Aphmau is a heavy sleeper, she won't hear a thing. He lifts her shirt, seeing her small, yet cute breasts. He softly plays with the nibbles, a moan escapes her from mouth. He licks her belly, then navel, leaving a ticklish feeling. He kisses on her neck, then cuddles with her. He dressed in pjs, he can sleep peacefully.

*The next morning*
Sylvana returns home from the crazy party. She was sure not to drink. She sees that the house is quiet, meaning Aphmau's sleeping. She checks on her and squeals as she sees Daniel "Mom? What...?" "Sorry mija, I just saw how cute you guys are." "Huh? What are you talking about?" "Didn't you invite anyone over?" she shakes her head "I see a green werewolf cuddling you." Aph looks behind, then she holds her mouth to hold her scream "I will leave you two be~" Sylvana closes the door.

Aphmau POV:
I grab my pillow and hit him in head "Ow" "WHAT THE HECK DANIEL? You broke into my house! How did you get here?" "I climbed and got in through the window." I groan "Forgive me" "I would, but you are not the cute one I remember. You're muscular and have piercings." he does puppy eyes "Okay you're still cute. I forgive you." he hugs me "Jeez he does love me. Will be a mistake giving him a chance? Nah, it won't be." without me knowing, he is kissing my face, I laugh at cuteness.

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