Travis x Aphmau

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Travis POV:
Today it's the day i'm going to tell Aph my feelings to her, I better do it fast, I don't want to lose her, I hope she will accept my feelings, if not, I will still be her friend. I go to the girls' house and knock on the door, Katelyn answers "I thought I wouldn't see you today. Are you here to flirt again?" I say "No, i'm here to see Aph." she raises her brow, I think she is confused "Why? Are you planning something?" I say "No, I just want to talk to her." I hear her "Come in Trav!" I smile and enter "If you will do anything stupid, I'll kick your butt. Understood?" I say with no fear "Yes" I go to Aph's bedroom "Hey Not-Alone   buddy!" I chuckle "Hi!" she takes out a few ponies "Wanna play MLP??" I say "Sure!" I sit down and pretend to be... Rainbow Dash "Do you like her?" I say "I like that she has rainbow, plus she's a pegasus." she giggles. We play for a while "Aph... can I tell you something? It's really important." she looks at me worried "Is something wrong...?" I say "No, but I have something to confess." I take a deep breath "When I first met you when I moved here, I thought you were someone I knew in the past, you looked familiar, then I remembered, I met you in high school, we were best friends, I mean not-alone buddies. I... don't know how I felt... my heart was beating fast, I felt butterflies flying in my stomach. I think I fell in love with you..." I continue "What I want to say is... I love you... I love you more than anything else in this world." there's no sound for a few seconds "Travis" I sob "You love Aaron, I knew it..." she says "No... I love you too..." I look at her "I... I thought I can't love you, because we are friends, but I want us to be more... more than friends..." she continues "I want to be your girlfriend." I hug her "Aphmau... thank you..." she kisses me "You're my white teddy bear~" I blush. She kisses me again "Aphmau, do you- WHAT THE!!" Katelyn is at the door, I can see fire on her eyes "TRAVIS! GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!!" Aph growls at her "DO NOT TOUCH MY TEDDY!!!" she holds me very tight, Katelyn looks scared "What's going on??" KC sees us and squeals "MY SHIP!!" she takes out her phone and takes pictures "You're ok with this?" KC says "Of course I am ok with this!" Aphmau says "He is my white bear." Kawaii~Chan's fangirling "I won't argue. I will take a nap." both leave "So what now??" she smiles "Do you want to see a movie?" I say "Sure" we go downstairs. Aph picks a movie, it's called 'Men in Black', we watch all the three parts while we cuddle. After these movies, we sleep on the couch...

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