Daniel x Blaze

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Daniel POV:
"Yo Daniel, what's the matter?" I look at Rylan "It's nothing" Dottie says "Oh come on! We know when you're sad!" Rylan asks "Is it about your crush on Blaze?" I shush him "Ok fine! Yes! It's about him! He is too cool to date me." Dottie says "That's not true Daniel!" I say "I am going home!" I run away to my house "He is too cool to date me."

*time skip*
"Daniel! Get ready! We'll have guests!" I walk inside and into my bedroom to get ready for the dinner, then I sit on  a chair "They arrived!" mother opens the door "Welcome!! Come in!!" I look to see who it is... Blaze and his parents "Oh no!" I keep my head down to hide my blush "Blaze honey, why don't you sit with Daniel?" why me? "Ok mom!" he takes a seat at my right "I made my special turkey." everyone takes a part, I look outside the window "Dan, why don't you eat?" I say "I am not hungry mom." dad says "But you like turkey." mom gasps "Do you have a crush??" I blush "Mom! No I don't have a crush!" Blaze's mom says "My little Blaze likes a guy." Blaze blushes "Mom! Shut up!" Blaze's father chuckles "Honey, leave Blaze alone, you embarrassed him." I giggle and take a leg of the turkey. Our parents talk, I finish the leg and clean my mouth with a tissue. Suddenly, my cheeks turn pink, I feel a hand tickling my belly "Blaze..." a finger presses my navel "Stop it..." he smirks "Why? This is so much fun~" I hold my mouth, my tail is wagging "You like this~" I hear a voice saying "Can you take care of our Blaze this weekend while we're out of town?" mom says "Of course!" oh no... "Looks like we'll spend some time tg." I run upstairs to dial Dottie and Rylan "Hello?" I yell "Dottie! Rylan! Blaze is here! His parents will be out of town this weekend, so he has to stay here!" Dottie says "Awww!" I yell "Not aw! I need help!" Rylan says "His mom said something?" I say "She said he likes a guy." they say "You will be fine!" they hang up "No no no no no no!!" I panic "Everything ok?" I jump "Yes! I'm fine! Everything is fine!" he closes the door, my eyes widen when I hear it locking "Now that we're alone~" he wraps his arms around me "Blaze... you are too cool to like me. I'm weak!!" he growls "Do not say that, you are perfect!" he licks my ear "B-Blaze!!" he pushes me to the bed and jumps on me "Blaze!" I try to push him "Never say bad things about youself!" he kisses me, I melt in the kiss and wrap my arms around his neck "I know about your crush on me, I figured out~" I blush "I love you too Daniel~" he puts his forehead on mine and kisses me again, I kiss him back...

*the next morning*
I wake up to the light of the sun, I look at Blaze, he is starting to wake up "Hi" he smiles "Morning" we kiss "Did you enjoy the night?" I nod "Honey! If you are awake, then I will tell you this: me and your father are going to work and I made you guys pancakes!" I say "Yay! Thanks mom!" Blaze hugs me "It's just you and me~" I hug him back "Yeah~"

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