Aphmau x Lucinda

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Aphmau POV:
I wonder why Lucinda called me over, maybe for trying her new potion, I don't know. I knock on her door, after a few seconds she answers "Hey Aph, come in!" I get inside "So, why did you call me?" she says "I want you to try a new potion I made." I was right "Sure, as long as it won't turn me into a cat." she chuckles "It won't, trust me Aph." I follow her to the basement, it looks colorful from all these bottles with potions "Here it is, now hold still." I do as she says, she throws the potion at me, then everything I see turns black.

Lucinda POV:
Perfect, she's asleep, I pick her up, put her on a comfy chair, tie her and strip her. I have a big crush on Aph, I never knew I could be into girls more than boys, but it's my life. The potion will make her ticklish, when I touch her, she will feel tickles and pleasure. This will be sooo much fun for both of us~

Aphmau POV:
Ugh... what the heck just happened? Wait... why can't i see? Why am i tied? "You woke up?" I gasp "Lucinda! What did you do to me?" she giggles "Relax darling, i'm not going to hurt you~" I ask "What was that potion?" she says "It will make you more ticklish, when I touch you, you will feel tickles and pleasure~" I blush "Why?" she says "You see Aph, I have a crush on you from a time, I want to have fun with you~" I hear steps, then fingers on my belly, I bite my lip "Aww, don't hide your sweet moans~" I feel my nipples wet, a moan escapes "Lucinda~" she says "I knew you would like it~" I feel her fingers going everywhere on my body "I wonder how do you taste~" I feel my pussy wet "Lucinda, what are you doing?" she doesn't answer, her tongue sneaks inside my entrance, I keep moaning. "I guess I like her too, I always felt butterflies in my stomach when I was around her." I feel myself coming, then I cum "You taste really sweet~" she kisses me everywhere, then she carries me somewhere and unties me, i'm on her bed, under the blanket and she is naked near me, I blush, she kisses me, I kiss back. She starts to finger me while I taste her pussy, we become moaning messes, I put my tongue in her "You're so good Aph~" I stop and start to finger her too. After a while, we cum at the same time, I move my lips on her beautiful body "Keep going~" I do as she says, I play with her boobs, then I suck her nipples, she moans, I tickle her a little, she giggles "I love you Aph, my cutie~" I blush "I love you too~" we go to her bathroom and take a shower, then we cuddle on the bed and sleep together.

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