Zenix x Aphmau

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Aphmau POV:
Gah... I got bad a headache... what just happened? Last thing I remember is... I was at Gene's house... and he told me to wait in his room... then everything turned black... where am I? Is this... is this a basement? I try to move... wait... am I tied? I look down... I am tied on a chair... and I just have my underwear on! I need to get out of here "So... you woke up?" I look in front of me "That is not Gene." the person steps closer... dark brown hair and dark brown eyes "One person has these..." I try to speak "I tied you, then I brought you here." I see what he wears... black tank top, ripped jeans, black socks, he's holding something... a whip... he is about to hit me, but he misses "Do you think I will hurt the one I fell in love with?" I look at him confused "You see Aph, back in high school I followed Gene's plan: to make you join us, but after we failed I got a crush on you. Now here we are." he lifts my chin "I finally have you~" I blush "It was hard for me to make you my girlfriend since a lot the boys were in love with you." he gets closer to my face "Do you love me...?" he moves the gag "Um" my cheeks are red, I look in his eyes, his eyes are like chocolate, I think i'm staring at him. I get back to reality when he kisses me "You are so sexy~" he takes off his undershirt "I... you went at gym?" he says "Of course" he winks "Now... time for some fun~" he kisses me again, I kiss back gently.

*time skip*
I hold a pillow tight while I moan "Say it~!" I shake my head "Come on~!" he hits my spot harder "Ahh~!" he smirks "You can say it~!" I moan "I love you~! I want more~!" he thrusts deeper and harder "I'm coming~!" he groans "Me too~!" after a few thrusts I cum on his member, he cums inside me, I pant "I am tired." he says "Do you think we're done? I still have a lot of energy left." I look at him "This was the 3rd round!" he grins "A little box has 12 condoms, there are 9 left, but i'll leave a half for the next time." he puts the fourth one.

*the next day*
What *pant* a long *pant* night... he took my energy, but it was worth it... I was able to sleep... but I won't be able to walk for a loooong time "Zenix? Are you awake?" he says "For 5 minutes." I ask "What if Gene and Sasha will find out?" he says "Gene is with Dante and Sasha is with that witch." I say "When they will be back?" he asks "Why? You want one more round~?" I blush "No, I want to stay with you." he cuddles me "You're very tough, like a big tiger." he smiles "Thank you, i will take that as a compliment." I yawn "Zenix?? Are you home?" my eyes widen "Crap!" he says "Hide your face." I go under blanket. I hear steps and the door opening... "Of course he is taking a nap..." Sasha says "And looks like he found a girl. Should we see who it is?" Gene says "Nah, he will get mad if we disturb him." I hear the door closing "I think they saw my hair." Zenix says "It's fine, they didn't see your beautiful face." I giggle "You think i'm beautiful?" he kisses my ear and whispers "Of course I do~" I grin "Well, I think you are handsome~" he asks "Do you live by yourself??" I nod "Maybe I should move with you." he kisses my forehead "If you're so sure." we hold hands. Suddenly the bedroom door opens "I knew it! I knew you still loved her! See Gene? My ship is finally sailing!" Gene asks "Why are you both naked??" Sasha sees the box "He used half of the box." I say "Gene, don't get so angry. How about I give you more money at the café??" he says "It's not that Aphmau. I don't want you to get hurt by this animal!" I chuckle "I'll be fine." I kiss Zenix's cheek "Fine, I trust you." they leave the room "I'm not as crazy as how I was in before." I say "I know Zeny." I peck his lips "You make me happy." I cuddle with him "Cutie~" I giggle "Zeny~" he says "I love you." I say "I love you too." we kiss for a time.

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