Aaron x Xavier

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(I know this might be very weird, but I really wanted to try this, I hope you like it guys and sorry for not posting.)
Aaron POV:
Ugh! Everywhere I go, Xavier is there! I just want to walk and do stuff like a normal person! I hate my father for hiring so many agents! At least I have agent R by my side... now i'm going for a coffee and if he is there, I will never stay to drink it, I'll just take the coffee and go. I go inside and look around, of course Xavier is here, but he's reading a book, I just order a coffee, get it and sit at an empty table "Hey Aaron!" I look right "Hey Mac" he asks "Sitting alone? You can stay with me and my friends over there." I think for a moment "Sure" he brings me to the table "I am back with a friend!" we sit "Hey Aph... how have you been?" she says "I've been ok, just football and other stuff..." I say "That's cool. Would you... like to play tonight? It's been a while..." Garroth interrupts us "Hey Aphmau, would you like to go on a date with me?" we get shocked "I um... that was sudden..." Garroth says "I mean not a date to get together with you or anything." he is lying "Garroth, I-" she gets interrupted "Did someone say date?" oh great... "Jenny! Hey!" she frowns at Mac "Mac" she smiles "So, is there a date happening soon?" Garroth says "Oh, I just asked Aph on a date." Aph's looking at me, then at him "I'm sorry" Garroth gets confused "I actually to go to the beach with Katelyn and Luka." I calm "We can go together." she says "I accept, but only as 2 friends." Garroth says "Ok, as friends." Jenny asks "Can I come too?" Aphmau says "Sure" Jenny looks at me "Aaron, would you be my date?" I know Mac is looking sad, but I don't know what to say "I-I..." she says "You know you will accept~" i'm dead "He doesn't accept" we turn our heads "Xavier?" Jenny frowns "What do you mean?" he says "He doesn't like you." she says "No, he said yes when I asked him to be my boyfriend." he says "He wanted to say no. He likes another girl which you don't know that well." is he talking about Aph? "What...?" he says "There is someone who likes you, but you're too blind to see, because you're in love with someone who doesn't like you back." she has tears in her eyes "Is this true Aaron?" i'm speechless, I just look at Aph, then look at Mac "Let's go Aaron, we have a group project to do." Xavier drags me out "Why did you do that??" he says "You couldn't do it, so I did it for you." I say "You really had to make her cry?" he says "Sometimes, it hurts when you know the truth." I try to escape from his grip "You'll tell my father, wouldn't you?" he says "I won't tell your father anything." I get out of his grip "Just leave me alone." I go into my dorm and close the door "He saved me this time, but I want to be left alone for a while." I get on my bed and sleep.

Xavier POV:
I know he is mad, but I had to do it, he had to stop being a toy for her, I did it not only for him, but I also love him. I said it, I love Aaron, this is one reason for working for his father, I like when I watch Aaron. I didn't lie when I said that i'm his childhood friend, I have a crush on him since freshman year. My phone is ringing, I answer "Hello sir!" I hear Derek from the other line "How is Aaron?" I say "He is mad right now. He didn't do anything stupid." he says "Good. What about the blonde girl?" I say "I took care of it. If she'll try to get Aaron again, I'll do something about it and i'll make sure that she'll stay away from him." he says "You never disappoint me." I chuckle "And I won't do it." I end the call "Derek is the only one who knows my secret." my ears and tail pop out "Aaron will know he's not alone, I know the pain too." I go to my dorm next to his "I will not let that girl take him away from me..." I growl quietly.

*the next day*
Aaron POV:
I still can't believe what Xavier did, it will be so awkward today, I will avoid everyone today "Alright everyone, sit down!" I see Xavier sitting 2 desks in front "Maybe he will leave me today." I decided to put only the hoodie on, the bandana is around my wrist "Aaron?" I look at my right "Hey Betty" she says "Are you ok?" I say "Just tired..." Cathy is sitting near Jenny, Mac is in front of me, looking at me with worry "Do you want to hang out with me and Mac?" I look at Betty, then Mac "Sure..." I take notes. After class i'm about to leave, I get stopped by Jenny "Please love me Aaron!" Betty, Cathy and Mac look at her with shock "Jenny, I don't like you that way." I walk away "I will not let a hussy take you from me!" I look at her "That is rude to say!" I walk again "Get back here!" I hear another voice "Did you not hear him? He doesn't like you. I already told you that yesterday." my anger is about to grow "Come Aaron" I follow Mac, Betty's behind us "Xavier, wanna join us?" I give him a nod "Yes sure" we go to the park "I am sorry for Jenny, she never was like that." Mac is looking at Betty "I don't think I have a crush on her anymore." Xavier says "I hope she will leave you alone." I smile at him "Thank you..." he winks "What are friends for eh?" I chuckle "Right..."

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