Garroth x Meif'wa Zane x Vylad

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(I got the idea with the help of my friend LittleAwesomePopTart she is awesome and creative! In this lemon, Zane can see with both of his eyes.)
Author POV:
Garroth and Vylad always fought for who can have Zane, but after they saw him crying, they decided to stop the fight and share him. The plan works.

Garroth POV:
"Vylad, is everything ready?" he nods "Cookies check, cupcakes check, chips check, drinks check, blankets check, pillows check, movies check." I high five with him. Tonight we're going to have some 'fun' with Zane, we just love him so much. It broke our hearts when he cried, so we stopped fighting and decided to share him, i hope he will like this night *ding dong* "It's him! I will open!" I go to the door and open it "Hey baby brother!" I hug him, he hugs back "Hey Garroth!" he enters "Big bro!" they hug each other "Thank you for inviting me!" we smile "You're welcome baby brother!" I put on a movie, then we sit on the couch. Zane takes a cupcake and eats it "Omg he is cute when he eats cupcakes!" me and Vylad couldn't resist him when he is adorable, but we have to wait until tonight. Zane lays his head on my lap and his legs on Vylad's lap, we blush, but we continue to watch the movie.

*time skip*
All the chips and cupcakes are gone, the glasses are empty, there are a few cookies left, so I put them in the fridge "Big brother, can you follow me to the bedroom?" I look at them, Zane nods "Perfect, now is our chance." we go to the bedroom and i close the door, they sit on the bed and Vylad kisses him, Zane blushes, I go behind him and kiss his neck, I can see his tail moving.

Zane POV:
My brothers are kissing me, my tail forms in a heart, Garroth bites my neck while Vylad's tongue is in my mouth exploring it, Garroth whispers in my ear "We are sorry for fighting, we love you Zane and we're going to share you." he licks my earlobe "They fought for me? Now I understand. I love them both, i'm glad they don't fight anymore. I hope it won't be bad like how I did with Gene." they take off my clothes, Garroth licks my entrance while Vylad sucks my member. Now i'm a moaning mess, Garroth lowers me on his member, making me ride him and Vylad is sucking my nipples and rubbing my tail "Nya~!" i can feel myself coming, Garroth hits my g-spot "Garroth~!" he chuckles "You like this baby brother~?" i nod "I'm coming~!" after i say that i cum on Vylad's face and Garroth cums inside me "Garroth, can I ride Zane?" Garroth smirks "Of course you can Vylad~" Garroth pulls out and Vylad lays me, then he lowers himself on me. He goes up and down while Garroth scratches my ears and kisses Vylad. Vylad kisses back, then Garroth licks my other ear "I'm glad we do this, they kissed good." I grab Vylad's hips and hit his prostate while me and Garroth kiss "Zane I am hah close~!" I pump his member. After a while, we cum, I pull out "That was amazing!" they smile "I liked when i kissed Vylad too." Vylad blushes "How about we sleep together??" they nod "Can Garroth sleep in the middle and hug us?" I smile and nod. Garroth lays on the bed, covers us with the blanket and wraps his left arm around me and wraps his right arm around Vylad, he kisses our foreheads, then we all fall asleep. This was the best night ever...

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