Balto x Zane part 2

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Author POV:
It's night time: The moon is shining on MyStreet, because the street lights are off, everyone is sleeping... well there is a couple who doesn't sleep, they try to be very quiet, because they have a lot of fun in their bedroom... a lot of fun...

Balto POV:
"Mmm~ Balto~" his moans are making me insane, me and my Zaney decided to have our special night, only us two. Now Zaney is on his hands and knees, me on top of him, my member inside him and a vibrator on his member, I left marks everywhere on him, no one is going to steal him from me, both of us are sweating, my claws are out, but i won't hurt him, my hands are on his hips, i thrusts deeper "Ahhh~ Balto~" I growl playfully in his ear and nibble it "Nngh~ so big~" I smirk "You like this, don't you cupcake~?" I kiss his cheek "Yes, I love this, I love you~" I smile "I love you too Zaney~" I cum inside him "Your seeds are warm~" I blush more and pull out "We are not done yet~" I thrusts back in "Nya~!" I ask "Did you make that sound?" he blushes "Cute~" I hit a spot "AH~!" that's his prostate, I hit there harder "Darn it Zane, you're tight~" he moans "This feels too good to be true~!" I chuckle "But it is true~" I pump his member again "Balto~!" he cums on my hand, I cum again, then I turn off the vibrator and put it on the bedside table "Thank you~" I lay with him "You're welcome Zane, thank you too~" I close my eyes and fall asleep...

*Few years later*
Zane POV:
I was very shocked and happy when I got pregnant... now I have a werewolf husband who is still crazy and hybrid twins "Mommy! Austin stole my MLP figurines!" I sigh "Austin, give Amelia her toys back!" he does as i say "Sorry mommy, I got bored." the door opens "Daddy!" they run to him, Balto picks them up "Hey my little ones!" I cross my arms "Your little ones?" he says "I mean... our little ones!" I smile "How about a kiss~?" he is about to kiss me, but I put my finger on his lips "Nope" I go cook dinner "Aw why not?" I smirk "Because you left me alone." he says "I didn't! The kids are here!" I cook steak "Come on Zaney!" he hugs me "Don't be mad!" I chuckle "I'm not" I peck his lips "Ewww cooties!" I look at them "I don't have cooties! You have cooties!" I groan "Kids, cooties don't exist! Now sit down!" Balto chuckles "How about werewolf cooties??" they scream and run away. I hit him on his arm "Great job!" he rubs his arm "I will go calm them." he walks away. I put the food on plates, he comes back with them "Just in time." he says "Again, sorry..." I sigh and give him a hug "I love you Balto." he smiles "You are so nice." the kids giggle, we sit down, then we eat.

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