19 Full of Lies?

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POV Jackson

Signing papers all day wasn’t on my mind when I was a child, not my dream job at all. The breeze that came inside from open window was distracting me. I wanted to have a break for at least some time. I sigh and take the pen in my hand once more, carefully I sign my name on papers and try to focus on people’s needs.

Knock. KNOCK.

I glance at the door which opens, I see Fern peaking inside and I put away the pen. Her emerald green eyes look around her and she smiles when she notices me sitting in front of the table. “Hi, a maid told me that you’re working in your bedroom,” she whispered and was playing with her hair for few seconds while she seemed nervous. “Umm.. yeah,” I managed to mumble back and then I cleared my throat, “please come in.”

She is measuring the room with her eyes. “This is much bigger than mine,” she whispers and seems amazed. I chuckle, “Yeah but the castle is big. Besides I haven’t seen your room.” She blushes and I smile when I return to signing the rest of the papers.

She sighs, “You’re so busy.” I look over my shoulder and I see how she seems to be anxious. “Is there something wrong?” I laughed when I stood up. She wasn’t as tall as I was. “I would like to get explanation on why you are lying to me,” she whispered and turned her head to right. “Lying?” I raised my voice when I felt confused.

“I have been thinking of it for a week. There are no such things existing that you told me, they are from fairy tales. Besides it isn’t possible that you are that old,” she said and narrowed her eyebrows. “Uh,” I managed to give out from me. “Really Jackson? That is a response that  I get from you?” She groaned and turned on her heels. “W-wait,” I mumbled and she turned around.

“I hate liars, you’re one,” she yelled and left me speechless. “F-Fern,” I whispered while feeling crushed inside. I close my eyes and I clench my hands to wrists, “I didn’t lie to you!” I said quickly. No response, nothing. I am breathing heavily and I don’t know how to be anymore.

The room is getting colder, wind is whirling around us. “J-Jackson,” Fern’s scared voice is almost sounding like a whisper. Then it vanished, I couldn’t hear or see anything. The world around me was gone, it was only darkness and fear surrounding me. I remember this feeling from childhood, from the moments when I lost control.

“JACKSON!” I hear a yell, feel how something is pressing my waist. Slowly I open my eyes and I see Fern holding me, her arms around me. I look at the frosted walls which are already melting. She stopped me. I place my hands on her shoulders and I look at her with my mouth open from the surprise.

Why the hell did I let myself to get upset at first place? I let go of Fern who is still standing in front of me. Slowly she wipes a single strand of hair away from her face. Her green eyes are staring at me.

“I’m sorry that I scared you. Sometimes this just happens when my feelings get over me,” I whisper and turn my head away from her. I can’t face her after all that happened.

POV Fern

Jackson backed up from me, he seemed nervous and afraid. He walked to the window and sighed deeply. He had just frozen the whole room in few seconds. He seemed so lost, I had to hold him when I saw him like that. Then he became his normal self.  The fact that his whole certain and secure way to act changed to something else scared me.

I startled when he started to speak. “You may go Fern. I truly understand if you don’t want to meet me anymore and I’m sorry you had to see me like this. Trust me that I feel a bit ashamed now that you had to do such thing to snap me out of it.”

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