40 Monthly Meeting

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POV Elsa

Tonight will be our monthly meeting with the guardians. Jackie is already with Anna and Kristoff. He is so excited to be with his cousin Sofia who is already running, Jackie is so keen on keeping his cousin safe. Sofia reminds me much of Anna. He always calls the wind when Sofia is falling so she wouldn’t hit the ground too fast.

We left the kids to sleep at Sofia’s bedroom which is next to Anna’s and Kristoff’s room. Jackie was now 2 and half years old and his hair is messy to my taste since he won’t let me cut it short. He wants to have it in same way as his father does.

We had some time before we need to leave. Jack’s power lets us travel fast, like wind. I opened my cloth cabinet and try to figure out what to wear. Suddenly a pair of pale white arms wraps around my waist and a chin rests on my shoulder. “Hi Elsa.” Jack is hugging me and I blush.

“What are you doing Jack?” I quickly turned around. Room was almost dark except the light that the full moon was giving. Jack smirked to me and took my head between his hands. “I don’t know, you suddenly made me go crazy!” He laughed and kissed me. His lips then touched my neck and then he lifted my right hand to kiss it.

Deep shade of red was slowly forming to my cheeks. “Jack.. we need to go soon.” He lifted me up in bridal style and carried me to bed. His skinny arms hold me tightly. “Please Elsa, we still have some time.” He winked his eye and placed me to bed.

I watched his smile, his joyful eyes and realized that we really do have some time. “Come here you!” I pulled him to bed with me from his hoodie’s collar. We were laughing together and almost at the same time we stopped laughing. It was like drowning to the insanely deep blue eyes of his. We started to smile and then I felt his cold breath when his face came closer to me. First a small kiss, then bigger one. He took his hoodie off.

After some time we were embracing each other still on bed. He was smiling to me and playing with my hair. He even took a single lock of my hair between his fingers and tickled my nose with it. “Stop it Jack!” I laughed but my laughter quickly stopped.

”JACK! What time is it?” His smile faded away in a second and he turned around to see the window.. “Well the moon is still up..” He started and sounded careful I watched as the bed cover slowly slide away from top of him and showed his bare chest. I had to shook my head to focus on something else than him.

 “No! The actual time.. We need to be at the North Pole at midnight!” I said with rush in my voice. “Oh, yeh.. THAT time.” He repeated like he was still dreaming. ”Jack, get dressed!” I told him.

“Oh no! Just ten minutes until the meeting starts. How long was the travel again?” Jack shrug his shoulders after he put his hoodie back on. “Fifteen minutes with wind and a couple with snowglobe.” Yes, the snowglobe!

So, take one of those snow globes right away! Quickly I made an ice dress that was the same blue as Jack’s eyes which were filling my mind for some reason. Again he shrug his shoulders and messed his hair with his hand. “Uh.. We kind of are short with snow globes.. We just have the wind.” He smirked and my jaw dropped, we were late.

POV North

“So, they are late again?” Sandy nodded to me when I asked where Jack and Elsa were. Suddenly a bright blue light appeared from the sky. Manny was going to talk.

“Hey Manny! Wait a few moments until the ice couple is here.” I laughed but the moon already started to move its glow through the floor. “Mate.. is it what I think it is?” Bunny came to stand beside me and watched with me when the glow ended on the middle circle of the floor. It was going to show us a new guardian.

The floor opened and a pedestal rose up. Then the glow started to show a figure. It was a woman. “Yay, a girl!” Tooth squeeked in excitement. ”Yes but who?” My words came out. Sandy seemed puzzled also.

Just when Manny stop and left Jack and Elsa flew in. ”Sorry guys, we were bit late.. because.. ” Elsa was blushing. ”Because of what, mate?” Bunny crossed his hands on top of his belly. “NOTHING!” Elsa yelled and was bright red.

”Haha! You just missed Manny’s show.” I laughed and Elsa and Jack seemed confused. “We don’t know her but I think she comes in picture in the future. “ I rubbed my stomach. “I feel it in my belly!”

POV Jack

A new guardian? That is odd.. ”What can you tell me about it?” I asked and Tooth flew next to me just few inches away from my face. “It is a girl!” She yelled in excitement. I glanced at Elsa but saw that she was listening to something else. I know that look, the look when she hears the children’s fears and feels the urge to help.. However something was different this time. She wasn’t in shock, she was terrified.

“El-“ I started but was cut off when she started to run outside. Everyone looked at me to find answers to her actions. “Honestly.. I don’t know you guys.” I spread my hands to sign my confusion to them.  Then I flew after her. She was running and used ice blocks to give her speed. “ELSA!” I yelled when I managed to catch up. ”Why are you in a hurry?”

Her face was worried. “Jack! We need to go! Pitch is after Jackie and Sofia!” My heart sank and I almost fell to ground. When the most shock left me I quickly grabbed her to my arms and we flew as fast as we could back to Arendelle. “Please, be safe kids” I mumbled to myself.

Just when we reached Arendelle and the castle we saw Pitch leaving from the place. Immediately we went to check the kids and found them crying. They were scared and Elsa was comforting them. To cheer them up I made ice animals that moved, soon they were giggling like little children. When I did that I saw Anna and Kristoff running inside to the room. “What happened?” Anna sounded worried.

“It was Pitch.” Elsa said between her teeth. Kristoff was holding Sofia in his arms and talking to her calmly.  “I think that Jackie needs to know about Pitch and how not to give in to fear.” I stated carefully because Elsa is sometimes scary when it comes to fear. “Yeah, you are right Jack.”

Then we told Jackie the story about the lonely Pitch who can only try to scare people. However the most important part in the story is his mommy and daddy who are meant to give Pitch trouble. After the story Jackie was laughing which was a good reaction. I gave a hug for my wife and son. Luckily nothing bad had happened to Jackie or Sofia while we were gone. We came back just in time.

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