16 Learning to Skate

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POV Jackson

Three years went by and I had customers but haven’t seen the little girl who back then wanted me to tell her about guardians. Now she would be around sixteen years old. Today it was a bright day and I cleaned the shelves and dusted the guardian characters. The door was opened and closed.

“Please do come in. How may I help you?” I was still dusting my glass work.

“My mother needs a new vase to display her flowers in her shop.” A shy familiar voice spoke to me and I dropped the Bunny character I was cleaning. “I see that your work really doesn’t break. Didn’t you manage to sell those?”

I glanced on my right side. There she was with her raven black hair and emerald green eyes. She was the little girl but somehow different. She had soft looking rosy lips and she was taller. She was more mature and I felt blood running on my cheeks. “Uh, hello. Y-Yes my work won’t break like I told you.” I quickly lifted up the Bunny from the floor before she noticed me blushing. What is wrong with me? I shake my hand as I see some frost coming out from it. Are my feelings getting out of control?

I cleared my throat. “Haven’t seen you in a while miss and to be honest these characters are for display only. You seem grown up now,” I managed to pull myself together and smirked.

She was looking at vases and picked one. “ This will be good. Sorry that I haven’t visited. It just would have seemed odd if a girl in her teens visited a shop what a twenty-year old keeps.” She smiled at me.

“Well maybe if you say so. You can have it as a gift. I still think you as a friend.” I shook her hand and she didn’t let go.

“My name is Fern. Like the plant, you know. My mum has a flower shop nearby and she likes the fact that my name also means sincerity.” She was staring at my eyes like waiting for something. “I don’t think that I ever told you my name when I visited your shop. I didn’t catch your name also?” She smiled shyly.

”Uh, my name. Sorry, no one has ever asked. I’m Jackson.” I rubbed my neck and I offered my hand. She shook my hand, ”Nice to meet you Jackson.” It was true, I have kept myself alone for years. Avoiding mortals was now a habit, otherwise I might draw too much attention since I am not aging.

“Thanks for the vase. You know that young people are wondering why you never go anywhere besides food store. Why is that?” Ok, maybe the town is getting suspicious of me after all, I’m thinking.

“But I do! Every night,” I tell her. ”No one has seen that. It is also odd that the king himself visits you every month even though he is really old now.” Her stare felt like it could see right through me.

“Well. He needs a lot of vases. I will show you that I come out! Let’s go skating tonight.” I smiled with confident look. Fern seemed shocked. ”Don’t you take the dare?” I gave her a sly smirk. She was almost out from my shop when she yelled in high tone, “Sure!”

“See you in few hours!” I laughed and she quickly left from the front door. Finally someone to talk to, someone else besides my family.

POV Fern

Well. I didn’t see this to happen. Me, ice skating? Oh god, what if I fell and broke something. Few hours had went by and I was walking in the crispy winter night near Jackson’s shop. I noticed him coming out from the shop.

He was waving and smiling at me. His skates were hanging on his shoulder. He dressed good as usually. I noticed that he wore boots with snowflake pattern. Oh god, I have to look at him and not at his feet all the time. I let my face go upper on his body. His trousers were neat looking and brown. He had a blue wool jacket with more snowflake patterns and blue gloves. He had pale skin and almost blue lips, I hope he isn’t freezing. Then I noticed his white hair that was little messy looking despite he always had nice looking clothes. “Are you alright?” He had reached me and was standing in front of me.

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