14 End of an Era

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POV Jackie

Small occasion. It is what this is, I see my mother walking in front and dropping on her knees in front of a coffin. My insides are twisting. Mum is crying in front of her sister’s body, it is like aunt Anna is in a peaceful sleep. After all the fighting against her cancer she found rest.

Dad goes to my mum and sits on ground and sways her while she cries on his shoulder. I have to swallow the piece that I feel on my throat. My cousin Sofia is now on her 40’s and crying silently. Her twin girls aged 10 year old are sitting next to her, mourning after their grandmother, my aunt, Anna.

“Jackie,” I hear a whisper and I see Emma placing her hand on my shoulder. I touch her hand and smile to her faintly. We both miss Anna, she was like a cheeriest person in the whole world and caring. Emma couldn’t cure Anna since her time was about to come, it was a lot for Emma to deal with. Not being able to help our aunt.

Me and Emma look younger than our cousin Sofia, I don’t look a day older after turning 18 when Sofia in the other hand looks like a 40 year old like I should. Still I am not able to make my choice of being a guardian or not. I am still stuck in the middle while Emma is a rightful guardian.

Dad helped mum out from the front. It was hard to her to see her sister fading away and slowly dying by illness, she was just over 60 years old. This is what happens when you’re a guardian, you see your loved ones die around you.

I stood up and went in front to say my farewells to aunt Anna. She still had her hair long and her hands were crossed over her chest. I had to wipe a few tears away. When I turned around I startled when I saw Sofia standing behind of me with her twin girls. “I.. I was wondering Jackie,” Sofia looked me with sad gaze. ”Could you keep them company.. while I say goodbye to mum with dad?” I look at the twins who remind me more of their father than Sofia, with their green eyes and brown hair. “Sure,” I say and while smiling I took a hold from their hands.

I nod to Belle to follow me. She walks fast behind of us. Her long strawberry blonde hair is loose and her blue eyes were shining from excitement. She was in her twenties now.  She knew that we would have some fun together with the twins. She is the Guardian of Courage nowadays, there I nothing that she wouldn’t do to save children. Her core is trust, getting the children to trust themselves for them to be courageous.

“Here it goes Jackson!” Belle smirked and made a rolling movement with her hands. My eyes widened. “No Belle, don’t!” I yelled while I jumped back. When I do snowballs she does fire balls. I quickly turn around and send an icy blast after the fire ball before it hits to anything. The twins start to smile and I chuckle. They’re cheering up.

“Time for a show sis?” I smile to Belle who nods. “Sure thing Jackson,” she winks her right eye. She is the only one in the family who doesn’t use my nickname. She heats the air around us and I create the cold. You know what it does when it is combined? Lightning which we could control together.

The air almost exploded with the first strike. It was like playing a music instrument, we moved together and made the lightning strikes do as we wanted. The kids watched in amazement while the lightning bolts danced in the air, you could almost hear a rhythm when the sound of thunder split the air.

“Uncle Jackie!” Little Annmarie pulled my sleeve. ”Yup?” I smiled to her. “Make it snow, please?” She looked at me and I nodded. Belle stopped creating the heat and crossed her arms, she walked to a statue that resembled our grandfather who we never met. She leaned her figure against the statue and kept watching.

I called the wind to cool the air. I laughed and winked my eye to the kids before I jumped up with my two feet. I lost my balance for a second but I easily get it back by balancing with my arms spread wide. The ground started to freeze. “Help me out girls,” I whispered to them when I kneeled down.

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