9 Path of a Guardian

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POV Jack

Sometimes I feel so lonely. There is only a few people who can see me and a fewer who are my friends. I missed having human friends. Jamie died of old age not soon after I got back from Arendelle. I went to his funeral and felt sick inside. Jamie was the only one from the children back then that didn’t loose his memory because of an old age. I look down on the ground.

Also the ice within my heart weakens me little by little. Maybe three years and I’m in eternal ice.. That sounds like long time even for immortal being. Manny told me that the girl I met years ago when  she was a child could help to melt that ice from my heart. Well it turns out that now I was helping her instead of her helping me.. She didn’t know how to control her powers. I hope that I helped her out.  At least she had some fun time in our learning sessions even though we never left her room. She was just like me in some way and that at least warmed my icy heart a little. I leaned onto my staff and thought that she might be the last human friend I have. I mean there are kids that can see me but I don’t have the  chance to know them properly.

Again the black nightmare horses get closer to me. I couldn’t help it. I just thought my poor situation and loneliness for hundreds of years. I had to leave Jamie’s funeral early because we had to stand against Pitch once again. He was getting stronger. I hope that Elsa is ok and don’t give in to fear while I’m gone. I promised to be there for her when the coronation day comes. I was looking upon an ice picture of Elsa what I’ve made for myself. Something positive to fight for.

I fought again against Pitches dark minions.

“Bring it on” I shouted and the black sand sucked me in. I blasted out of the sand which turned to ice and was destroyed.

-          2years later-

POV Jack

I missed her, so badly! Other guardians didn’t want to worry me about Elsa. She must have felt abandoned while I couldn’t come sooner.

I flew  towards Arendelle as fast as I could. The pain inside my chest appears daily now and comes in routine of two pain strikes before it stops. I don’t think I can hold my body from freezing for a long time anyway. I need to find her and say goodbye before I don’t have strength to do it.

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