47 The Man in Black

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POV Jack

Again Elsa and I had to go to an emergency meeting with other guardians. Pitch was rising again from the shadows. He never gives up and we will fight as long as we need to.

"So, any great plans?" Bunnymund asked. Sandy did a bunch of images of sand over his head and as usual no one understood him. You know when people talk fast when they're exited? Well then, try to imagine flashing images in front of your eyes. The kind of flashing that could cause you a seizure.

"Everyone should keep their eyes open," I said and Elsa took my hand in hers. "Jack is right -," she glanced at me, "- we should keep an eye out. When Pitch shows us where he is we will strike!" She smirked and was so confident that it made me shiver. She has changed so much during the years but she still was my flawless delicate snowflake despite of everything that we have encountered.

North nodded in approval, "Manny will alert us with Northern lights." He gave everyone a snow globe. "When you see him come to the pole and the man in the moon will tell everyone else to come in here too." He stared at me. "What?" I gasped. "Just so you know Jack! No rushing and going against him by yourself!" He straightened his back and was standing tall and strong looking in front of me.

"No, I was not planning anything!" I smirked back and Elsa glanced at me. She knew that I was lying, of course I wanted to show Pitch how happy I was from the last time we met. When he made me to do horrible things to everyone. "Well, what if I promise that I won't do anything?" I furrowed my eyebrows and everyone approved.

After the meeting we headed back home before it was our children's bed time. "You came!" Emma exhaled, "We want a good night story!" She was bouncing on her bed. Elsa went to her and show her lovely smile. Jackie pulled my sleeve, "Dad! Are you listening?" Actually I have to admit that I wasn't. "Sorry kiddo!" I messed his hair, "What is it?" He pouted but then told me that he wants me to tell him story.

I waved my hand to Elsa as Jackie dragged me from Emma's bedroom to his. Her eyes were sparkling from the happiness she seemed to have feeling right now. I chuckled to Jackie who was talking fast to me. "We did a snowman dad! Me and Tommy!" It seems that he has been playing with his friends today. "It came alive!" My smile faded for a moment, "it did?" Jackie nodded.

"Haha! You're just like your mother!" I laughed to him. "So, where is this snowman?" I winked my eye to him. "Well.. Actually we did a snow woman accidentally. Olaf took her to a date." Jackie chuckled and rubbed his neck. "Oh! Nice for Olaf!" I yelled in excitement.

I tucked Jackie to bed and shut the ceiling lamp. My fingers wrapped around the pull switch of bedside lamp and when I pulled the chain the light went on. "So, a story about your mother?" I smirked. Jackie shook his head. "No! I want exiting story!" My mouth was left open when I saw little guys determination. His eyebrows were narrow and his look was serious. "Please dad! Tell me about your adventures with the Guardians! Emma isn't here. You can tell me," he started to smile, "I am already ten! So I am old enough." He was smirking.

The story was a bit altered from the reality. I just didn't want him to hear the scary parts. It is a father's job to protect their children from harm? Am I right? I sneak out of the bedroom and Elsa comes out of Emma's room simultaneously. I fly to her and pull her close to me. "Missed you," I smile to her.

"It was just 30 minutes!" She giggled. She normally doesn't giggle that much so her act caused a reaction. My cheeks turned red. "Jack! You're blushing!" She pinched my cheek and furrowed. "Yeah, I guess I am." I laughed and lifted her in the air while holding her from the waist. She slapped my back, "Jack! Please! Children are sleeping." She stop my laughter by cupping my head between her hands and soon her lips touched mine.

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